Frequently Asked Questions2019-01-18T16:49:40-05:00
What grade levels are offered?2019-01-18T16:34:56-05:00

Grades 7 – 12 and post-graduate (PG).

Girls, boys, or both?2019-01-18T16:34:34-05:00


Religious affiliation?2019-01-18T16:35:27-05:00


Total number of students?2019-01-18T16:35:58-05:00


What percentage of students are international?2019-01-18T16:36:39-05:00


Percentage of students boarding?2019-01-18T16:37:06-05:00


International Baccalaureate (IB) offered?2019-01-18T16:37:51-05:00
  • Yes. Click here to learn more about the IB at Stoneleigh-Burnham.
What tests are required of international students?2019-01-18T16:38:41-05:00

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) required. TOEFL Junior may be substituted for students entering Grades 7 or 8. SSAT, SAT, or ISEE may be submitted as a supplement.

Do you have an English Language (EL) program?2019-01-18T16:39:20-05:00

Yes. Click here to learn more about EL offerings.

Do students wear a uniform?2019-01-18T16:39:51-05:00


What is the university matriculation?2020-06-22T16:15:24-04:00

100%. Click here to see recent college acceptances.

What are the closest airports?2019-01-18T16:41:35-05:00

Bradley International Airport (Hartford, CT – 57 miles), Logan International Airport (Boston, MA – 110 miles), JFK Airport (New York, NY – 185 miles). We also have an Amtrak station 10 minutes from campus.

Notable extracurricular activities?2019-01-18T16:42:30-05:00
Do you offer summer programs?2021-01-08T12:39:58-05:00

Yes — we have riding, debate, and performing arts camps each summer. Click here to learn more.

Study skills program?2019-01-18T16:44:26-05:00

Yes. Click here to learn about academic support available at SBS.

What else should I know?2019-01-18T16:46:03-05:00

We have a rural, safe, and beautiful campus; we emphasize student health and wellness; we provide individualized attention; we offer trips and exchange programs at several destinations throughout the year. In recent years, trips have included Costa Rica, Peru, Spain, England, France, China, and Canada.

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