Stoneleigh-Burnham School celebrated Team Night on Monday, Nov. 13 to celebrate student athletes and mark the end of the fall athletics season. The following awards were presented:

Advanced Dance
Most Improved Dancer: Xiandong (Alice) Lin
Effort and Enthusiasm Award: Ira Hysi

Beginner/Intermediate Dance
Most Improved Dancer: Jinying (Helen) Xie
Effort/Enthusiasm: Yue (Juliet) Zhu

Varsity Soccer
Player of the Year: Grace Grover
Coaches Award: Olivia Young
Most Improved Player: Ferima Islamyate

Cross Country
Most Valuable Runner: Carolin Jenker
Most Improved Runner: Aurola Zhang

Varsity Volleyball
Player of the Year: Clara Richardson-Omamo
Most Improved Player: Sylvie Yu
Sportsmanship Award: Nikki Mangaru

JV Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Shelyn Sui
Coaches’ Award: Julia Shulman

Recreational Tennis
Player of the Year: Edith Wang