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Can I walk to the Stoneleigh Burnham Equestrian Center from school?2018-11-09T17:48:05-05:00

Yes! The barn is located a short three-minute walk from the entrance of school.

I have never ridden before, can I learn to ride at SBS?2019-08-27T13:23:11-04:00

Yes! We have  beginners that start out each year, and we have horses who are great teachers! All levels of riding are welcomed at SBS.

What disciplines are ridden at SBS?2019-08-27T13:37:15-04:00

Students are welcome to ride the discipline of their choice. We teach a diverse population of hunters, jumpers, eventers and dressage riders. We are also a British Horse Society (BHS) accredited riding and testing center.

Does SBS offer Equine Science classes?2019-08-27T13:37:45-04:00

We offer the British Horse Society (BHS) training system. The classes are a combination of lectures and hands-on learning in the barn. The classes focus on riding and stable management.

Does SBS offer scholarships for riding?2019-08-27T12:55:59-04:00

Yes. The Nora Lucas Barby scholarship is offered during the winter trimester. This scholarship covers the cost of riding for two students during the winter trimester. All riders are welcome to apply.

Do I have to own a horse to ride at SBS?2019-08-27T13:38:40-04:00

No. SBS owns 30 school horses which are used for the program. Students are given the option to lease one of our school horses.

What types of school horses does SBS have?2019-08-27T13:12:19-04:00

We have all types of school horses that range in size, age, discipline, and experience level. We also have seasoned show horses with experience in a variety of disciplines.

How many lessons am I required to take per week?2019-08-27T12:57:13-04:00

Four lessons are required per week to meet the athletic requirements or three group lessons plus BHS.

Does SBS have an equestrian team?2019-08-27T12:57:42-04:00

Yes. Stoneleigh-Burnham has an Interscholastic Equestrian Team (IEA). Both upper school and middle school riders can try out. Being on the team is optional.

What are the costs associated with being on the IEA team?2019-08-27T12:40:08-04:00

There is a membership fee, a coaching fee, and an entry fee. Riders are required to pay for their entry fee into each show. This entry fee will be billed as part of the monthly billing statement. Riders should bring money to each show for lunch. Transportation costs are covered by SBS.

Does Stoneleigh Burnham host IEA shows?2018-11-09T14:04:00-05:00

Yes. SBS hosts IEA shows twice per year.

When are IEA shows held?2019-08-27T13:01:30-04:00

IEA shows are held on Saturdays and Sundays from mid-September through February. Team members have the opportunity to ride in five regular season IEA shows, and any post-season shows they qualify for each year.

How much does it cost to board a horse at SBS?2019-08-27T13:13:57-04:00

Board is $750 per month.

How do I reserve a stall for my horse?2018-11-09T14:17:39-05:00

Once a student has been accepted to SBS by the Admissions Office, she may send in a Boarding Application for her horse. Generally speaking, all student horses that have their Boarding Application mailed by the deadline are accepted to board. Stallions, however, are not allowed to board at SBS.

Will my horse be used in the lesson program?2018-11-09T14:05:31-05:00

Only horse owners will ride their horses in lessons. Private owned horses are not used in our school program. Our school-owned horses are used in lessons for students that do not bring their own horse.

What are the required items for my horse to board?2019-08-27T12:44:01-04:00

We require all horses have a Flu/Rhino within the last 6 months. Additionally horses must have had rabies,  EEE/WEE and Tetanus vaccine within the past 12 months. Horses must have a negative coggins within the past 12 months.  Horses must have a properly fitting halter with a throat latch clip, and a lead rope. Although we do not require that you blanket your horse, if you choose to do so all blankets must be waterproof (with the exception of horses that do not get turnout).

How often do the vet and farrier come?2019-08-27T12:44:36-04:00

Our veterinarian is on call for us at all times. Our farrier comes every Wednesday, and is also on call at all times for lost shoes etc. We also have a Equine Chiropractor who visits as often as needed for those horses requiring a little extra care.

Are horses turned out at SBS?2018-11-09T14:18:46-05:00

Yes, we have individual paddocks. We do not turn out in the extreme cold or high heat. We are able to cater to a horse’s individual turnout requirements within reason.

How often are horses dewormed?2019-08-27T13:17:10-04:00

Stoneleigh Burnham has a strict parasite protocol which ensures the best care for all horses. Every horse will have a fecal test done upon arrival at SBS to determine if they have worms or not. Fecal tests are performed on all horses two times a year. Horses are dewormed according to fecal test results.

Can my horse be in full or part time training while at SBS?2018-11-09T14:07:01-05:00

Yes. Training rides are available by all instructors. It is important to speak with your instructor regarding your horse’s individual requirements for training rides.

Who can board a horse at the Stoneleigh Burnham Equestrian Center?2019-08-27T13:18:35-04:00

All students who choose are welcome to board a horse here at SBS. We also allow outside boarders from the community on a case by case basis.

What clothing do I need to be on the IEA team?2019-08-27T13:21:42-04:00

Beige breeches and a dark colored hunt coat with a long sleeve show shirt are required. Additionally tall boots (black), black gloves, a ASTM/SEI approved helmet, and hairnets are necessary for showing. We also encourage team members to purchase an SBS team jacket.

Are tryouts required to be on the IEA Team?2019-08-27T13:19:16-04:00

A rider assessment is done for all riders who want to be members of the SBS IEA Team. All IEA team members are required to be full time riders.

Do I need my own horse to be on the IEA team?2019-08-27T13:05:17-04:00

No. Teams compete at a host school facility. Riders draw a horse by random, and sorted by level, to show in their designated class. Visit rideIEA.org for more information on IEA process and policies.

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