English 10 Honors

Although English 10 Honors is a year-long course, each trimester has distinct themes, guiding questions, and assignments. Throughout the year students read a variety of genres including plays, novels, nonfiction, and poetry, and face more rigorous grading standards and expectations at the Honors level. At this level, students examine the ways that form and meaning interact in literature, consider the role of the reader and to what extent the reader is controlled by the author, and also look at where they stand individually in relation to the texts and topics and how to write about their own perspectives. In this course students continue to develop their analytical, writing, and communication skills, including: creating and supporting original thesis statements; finding and using effective textual evidence; building an expanded vocabulary; improving fluency in grammar and punctuation; evaluating resources for validity and relevance; editing and revising their written work; developing their own distinct voices as writers and presenters; and being proactive, independent learners.

Past texts include:  A Lesson Before Dying, Frankenstein, The Merchant of Venice, The Crucible, Into the Wild, Pride and Prejudice, Daisy Miller, Interpreter of Maladies, Gilead

English 10 Honors Instructor: Celine Nader