English Department Mission

The mission of the Stoneleigh-Burnham English Department is to teach students to read attentively, think critically, and write precisely. Starting in seventh grade and building to the IB diploma program in their junior and senior years, students engage with a wide range of literary styles and perspectives that foster a global mindset and a broader outlook on themselves and the world. In the classroom, we support independent thought and individual development through inquiry-based learning; we encourage our students to understand themselves as learners, to explore personal connections to the curriculum, and to find their own voices in discussion and writing. Focusing on writing as a process, we push our students to refine their skills in both analytical and creative assignments. Students are driven to understand the greater context in which literature is written and received, as well as the stylistic and technical choices writers make, and to use this knowledge as they articulate their own ideas in speaking and writing.

4 years required for graduation from Upper School