English Language Department Mission

The English Language (EL) Department prepares international students with intermediate – advanced English skills for successful work in mainstream classes at Stoneleigh-Burnham. In EL courses, students are presented with reading, writing, listening, and speaking challenges appropriate to their level of proficiency with English. Students build linguistic and cultural skills necessary to succeed in an American academic setting; to speak and write clearly, think critically and analytically, and work both independently and cooperatively. Reading selections increase in complexity of language and sophistication of content as the students approach the transition to mainstream classes. The EL Department believes that English Learners develop crucial skills and confidence in a safe, nurturing environment where each student is encouraged to celebrate her cultural heritage and explore her personal identity. In so doing, students develop strong, authentic voices in English as well as foster intercultural understanding in the SBS community. The EL Department also believes that language learning does not stop once a student has transitioned into a grade-level English course. For this reason, students who have recently transitioned are supported through the Extension Program.