Family Honor Roll of Donors and Volunteers

Updated May 19, 2020

Parent Donors

Class of 2020
Douglas Miller and Margaret Bender
Amy Beth
Dr. and Ms. Mark Broady
Michelle Savage Brynda
Mr. and Ms. Charles Collins
Catherine and John Gamberoni
Ms. Polikseni Hysi and Mr. Genci Hysi
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kowalyshyn
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lundberg
Taica Patience
Mr. Michael Phillips
Ximena Sagara Sanchez-Reinoso
30% participation

Class of 2021
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Ajao
Ted and Ginger Coller Wisner
8% participation

Class of 2022
Heleigh Bostwick
Dr. and Ms. Mark Broady
Anna and Michael Nicholas
Heather Peterson and Lara Ismail
15% participation

Class of 2023
Sean and Donna Burke
Ms. Ruyu Fan and Mr. Guangdong Yang
8% participation

Class of 2024
Danielle and Milo Baudrand
Ali and Blair Benjamin
Dr. and Ms. Mark Broady
John Drahzal and Bridget O’Brien
Brian and Linda Hargrove
Ms. Latanya Lee and Walter Hebb
Mrs. Jin Young Shin and Mr Taewoo Lee
Greg Snedeker and Kathy Roberts-Snedeker
36% participation

Total for All Classes
19% participation

Parent Volunteers

Danielle Baudrand
Alice Benedetto
Michelle Savage Brynda ’84
Charles Collins
Mrs. Yi Ding
Dennese Ellison
Amy and Peter Goodson
Vila Maya King
Tanya Lee and Walter Hebb
Emily LeVan and Bradbury Johnson
Mr. Gang Li & Mrs. Yushang Han
Judy and Kenneth Lundberg
Beth Lux
Rebekah McDermott
Anna Nicholas
Bridget O’Brien ’82
Rev. Taica Patience
Heather Peterson and Lara Ismail
Jenny Potee and W. Yohan
Karen and Bryan Raskin
Michelle Risch
Kim Keefe Swasey
Carrie Timberlake
Kimberly Walker-Gonçalves
Mr. Wei (Dean) Yuan & Mrs. Minhuan