Make a donation for the Fitness Center addition and Geissler Gallery renovation.

Fitness Center Addition

The expansion of the Fitness Center will support student wellness by providing access to fitness equipment and exercise space throughout the afternoon activity period and during supervised free time.

The proposed Fitness Center expansion will offer the following benefits to students:

  • Adds 850 sq. ft., doubling the fitness space
  • Improves the quantity and quality of cardiovascular equipment and free weights
  • A new Athletic Training Room with access to both the Fitness Center and playing fields
  • Enhances student safety and educational opportunities through improved access to the Athletic Trainer
  • An accessible bathroom
  • A state-of-the-art climate control system featuring air conditioning and heating options
  • Hydration stations to give students an ecological way to access drinking water
  • A new roof to cover pool equipment as well as a gutter to keep rain off the pool area
  • Emphasizes our commitment to promote health and wellness for the entire school


Includes 30% Contingency

Geissler Gallery Renovations

Geissler Gallery is a multi-purpose public space. In addition to our visual arts curriculum, Geissler Gallery offers four different exhibits throughout the year. The fall and winter exhibits highlight the work of professional artists, and the spring exhibits are reserved for our annual student art shows.

Geissler is the home to the visual arts at SBS. Music classrooms are also a significant part of the building. In addition, it is the setting of several important SBS events each year, including convocation, awards ceremony, family weekend, informal concerts, and Farewell to Seniors. This project supports the School’s commitment to the arts.

The Benefits of Geissler Gallery Improvements

  • New skylights in the building will improve ventilations, insulation, and natural light for the gallery and the art studio. Some skylights are currently leaking.
  • New carpet or flooring improves the attractiveness and functionality.
  • New doors and skylights will have a positive impact on energy savings and student comfort.
  • Regrade of front entrance will improve drainage.


Includes 30% Contingency