You are wonderful! Thank you for considering a gift that can support girls’ education at Stoneleigh-Burnham and transform the life of a student. Now more than ever, Stoneleigh-Burnham is vitally important in meeting the educational needs of girls.

Your gift can:

  • Provide a scholarship for a girl with financial need
  • Support top-notch classrooms, state-of-the-art lab equipment, and exceptional living space to foster a girl’s growth 
  • Help a girl follow her dreams and explore interests like sports, science, literature, dance, public speaking, equestrian, and more
  • Deliver the outstanding academic and social programs she needs to prepare for college and beyond 
  • Offer remarkable experiences that help a girl develop leadership skills

Please call the Development Office, 413-774-2711 x262 to learn more about Stoneleigh-Burnham and ways you can support girls’ education.