MORE is a high-quality distance learning program that is so much more than the average online classroom experience.

With the decision to deliver our mission remotely in Fall 2020, SBS has developed a comprehensive distance learning program that will offer consistent routines and expectations across all subjects and be guided by a weekly cadence that reflects the School’s learning values. “In this program, teachers will guide students to connect, learn, assess, and reflect on their school work. They will make sure that all students are seen and heard and that everyone is ready and prepared to learn,” explained SBS Assistant Head of School for Community and Program Shawn Durrett.

The SBS distance learning curriculum will offer intentional social-emotional learning support and community connecting times to encourage overall health and wellness among the students. Teachers are also building their courses with culturally-responsive and trauma-aware teaching practices. “Our School has met the current challenges with creativity, commitment, and energy, and we are confident that we will offer a compelling and comprehensive education to our students. No matter how we have to shift in these uncertain times, this is an exciting time in education to think about innovation,” said Head of School Stephanie Luebbers. 

Helpful Resources

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In this 6+ minute video, SBS Assistant Head of School for Community and Program Shawn Durrett gives a brief overview about our high-quality distance learning program, faculty professional development, and unique remote experience for students.
This 37-minute webinar includes detailed information about back-to-school plans, class schedules, online curriculum, technology requirements, counseling, athletics, community activities, class meetings, academic support, college counseling, and more.