On Monday, September 3, 2018, Stoneleigh-Burnham School opened the school year with its annual Convocation Ceremony in Emerson Hall. This ceremony marked the opening of the 2018-19 academic year and was attended by the entire student body, as well as faculty and staff.

The ceremony included an address by Interim Academic Dean Lauren Cunniffe, who is also the school’s college counselor and librarian. Read her full remarks on “View from the Nest,” the school blog.

Head of School Stephanie S. Luebbers gave welcoming remarks, and Jewels Hatchard ‘19 was chosen as the Dr. Paul C. Bassett Speaker. Read her remarks here.

The invocation was delivered by the Reverend Shayna Appel ‘78 P’04. Her remarks can be read on the school blog.

At Convocation, every member of the community – even teachers and staff – sign the Honor Code. The signed document is framed and hung in the Capen Room to serve as a reminder to everyone to uphold the values of the school community.

Student Council President Jax Morgan’ 19 spoke about the Honor Code, and Student Council Vice-President Kate Kowalyshyn ‘20 read the Honor Code in full. After that, every member of the SBS community signed it.

Read Jax’s remarks here.

Photos from the opening days of school, including Convocation, can be seen in this photo gallery.