Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

We know that students learn best when they feel safe, supported, seen, and loved. So much of our students’ development happens in concert with others: peers, classmates, houseparents, teachers, staff, families, and friends, and these circles are interconnected. Our core intentions and their intersections enable us to understand and make visible each constituency of our community to build equitable spaces to learn, grow, and share together. As a community we make a commitment to each other to speak and act with humanity, integrity, justice, and compassion toward a shared goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

We therefore acknowledge our responsibility to actively cultivate a community that honors diverse perspectives and experiences, not simply as enrichment but as an essential aspect of an inclusive education. We strive to be an anti-bias, anti-racist, and culturally responsive educational community, and commit, as a community, to the consistent and ongoing education and adaptation that this requires.

To learn more about our resources, DEI Task Force, DEI Omsbudperson, and DEI Committee please see below. You can also read letters sent to our community regarding our commitment to anti-racism and find further information on words used on these pages here.

DEI Board Task Force

Dr. Denise Bruner ’70 – Chair (Board Trustee)
Leslie Powers P ’15 – Member (Board Trustee)
Sam Sattin Torres ’08 – Member (Staff)
Olly Ajao ’21 – Member (Student)

DEI Board Ombudsperson

The board level ombudsperson can be reached at ombudsperson@sbschool.org.

DEI School Committee

Sam Sattin Torres ’08, Student Life and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Coordinator
Ellen Carter, Director of Counseling
Kara Fagan, English Department Chair
Apple Gifford, Director of the Academic Center
Kristen Mariotti, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment & Strategy
Ravi Pillalamarri, Math Department Chair
Hannah Richards, Visual Arts Department Chair
Karen Suchenski, Humanities Teacher, Community Service Coordinator
Brittany Weiss, Director of International Admissions, Marketing & Communications Assistant 

DEI Consultants

Keisha Green, PhD
Alisha Smith Jean-Denis, PhD

What Our Employees Are Consuming

SBS faculty and staff contribute selected books, films, webinars, and trainings as part of their ongoing work to deepen their understanding of each student as a whole learner in the context of intersectionality, implicit bias, anti-racism, and trauma informed and culturally responsive teaching practices. Learn more by visiting the SBS DEI Resource List.

DEI homepage
DEI Committee
Resources for Students and Alumnae/x
Resources for Families