Dear Parents:

As we approach our daughter’s graduation in May, our family has enjoyed looking back on the six wonderful years she has spent at Stoneleigh-Burnham.  These have been exciting years in which we have seen Franny and her classmates evolve from rather timid 12-year-olds to accomplished young women who have found their voices in the classroom and debate auditoriums, garnered academic accolades, shone on the athletic field, and in performances and exhibits.  It has been thrilling to see them shoulder new responsibilities and prepare to take their places in the world.

As parents of Stoneleigh-Burnham students, we have all relied upon the outstanding teachers, staff members, and administrators who have taught, mentored, and befriended our daughters.  There are the people you know well:  your daughter’s advisor, the teacher who has sparked in her a love of a particular subject, the coach who inspired her to new prowess in her sport, and the dorm parent who was there when your daughter was feeling down.  There are also the people you may not know:  Mike and his friendly team of kitchen workers, Mark, who works tirelessly to keep the buildings and grounds in great shape, and Debbie, the school nurse who looks after the girls when they are ill.

Together, these dedicated men and women make Stoneleigh-Burnham School a very special place to live and learn.

As you may know, the school has embarked on an ambitious plan to fully upgrade the buildings and grounds, funded through gifts to the Bridge Fund.  Construction is set to begin this summer with the renovation of the Red Room and TV room into a Student Center that will include a Student Lounge and Snack Bar.  Our family would like to mark graduation with a gift to the school, which reflects our gratitude to the exceptional faculty and staff who make Stoneleigh-Burnham School the very special place it is.

We are excited to offer a matching challenge to all Stoneleigh-Burnham parents and grandparents. Together, our gifts can name the new Snack Bar in honor of the faculty and staff of Stoneleigh-Burnham School. The total goal is $50,000. If parents and grandparents give a total of $25,000, we will match those gifts to reach the goal. Please join us in funding this new hub of campus life.

You can make a difference for Stoneleigh-Burnham students.  A high percentage of parent participation will send a powerful message that we value everything the faculty and staff have done for our daughters; it will also be a lasting testimony to our daughters’ time at Stoneleigh-Burnham School.



Jennifer Eremeeva, Parent of Francesca ‘15, Member, SBS Board of Trustees

Dimitry Eremeev, Parent of Francesca ‘15
P.S. You can help create a welcoming Student Center for Stoneleigh-Burnham students with your gift this year.