Blessings Clothesline

/Blessings Clothesline

Photo by Nayun (Jane) Kim ’20

The Community Service Club invited students, staff, and faculty to take part in a school-wide thankfulness project. In lieu of creating their annual “attitude of gratitude” bulletin board in the school’s hallway, the Community Service Club — in consultation and collaboration with the art department faculty — hung a “blessings clothesline” across the pillars of the school terrace. Each member of the SBS community was asked to write a message about something they were grateful for or a wish or prayer for the future on a colorful square cloth, which was hung by clothespins on a line.

This idea sprung from a similar outdoor “blessing” flag installation strung from birch trees along a river path at Smith College. Karen Suchenski, Community Service Coordinator, said, “We hope to create a campus with an attitude of gratitude, as well as an outdoor location for folks to enjoy reading each other’s hopes!” Many thanks to all who participated and blessings to all.

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