Awards & Prizes 2020

Congratulations to all of the 2020 Award and Prize recipients!

Department Prizes

The following students received department prizes. Students typically receive a book for this honor. This year, we will be holding the books on campus for returning students and sending books for graduating students to their home address.

  • English: Kate Broady ’22, Nikita Mangaru ’20, and Luna Patience ’20
  • Math: Breanna Ellison ’22, Ira Hysi ’20, Xuqing (Sarah) Li ’23, and Serafina Walker ’21
  • History: Katharine Kowalyshyn ’20, Julie Moser ’22, and Rosa Newshore ’21
  • Science: McKenna Goodson ’22, Zinnia Hull ’23, Zijiao (Monica) Li ’21, Sofia Sherman ’20, Gina Wisner ’21, and Yue (Juliet) Zhu ’21
  • Language: Rosa Newshore ’21
  • Vocal Music: Kate Swasey ’21
  • Dance: Ira Hysi ’20 and Joy Lundberg ’20
  • Theater: Alexa Peterson-Ismail ’22
  • Performing Arts: Beatrice Brynda ’20
  • Visual Arts: Eileen Collins ’20 and Nayun (Jane) Kim ’20

Class Awards

These awards are given to honor one student from each class who best demonstrates our school’s belief that each of us has many capabilities, that effort and enthusiasm make a difference to self and others, and that character counts.

  • 9th grade: Sadie Curtin-Adelman ’23
  • 10th grade: Breanna Ellison ’22
  • 11th grade: Olly Ajao ’21
  • 12th grade: Tiaa Kuffour ’20

Commencement Awards

THE ACADEMIC CUP / awarded to the member of the Senior Class who has maintained the highest academic standing.

  • The first of this year’s two recipients has distinguished herself with her meticulous and steady approach to learning. She is a hard worker who takes her learning seriously and always goes well beyond what is expected of her. An IB diploma candidate, she has pushed herself to excel in every subject. She has travelled to England and France during summers to enhance her learning. She sets a positive tone in the classroom and is consistently encouraging and supportive of her peers.The first recipient of the Academic Cup is Nadya Baum.
  • The second recipient is well known for her passion for learning and her drive to make a difference in the world. She has thoroughly immersed herself in the most rigorous curriculum possible, and has also taken classes in coding and engaged in summer science programs. An IB diploma candidate who has achieved at the highest levels, she is also a talented dancer who finds joy in collaborating with others. The second recipient of the Academic Cup is Ira Hysi.

THE MARGARET AND EDWARD EMERSON AWARD / in recognition of the four-year senior who has made the best use of her academic opportunities by challenging herself to take risks in support of her learning.  

  • This student’s many activities and interests all express her love of constantly seeking connections in her learning and pushing herself to explore ideas deeply. Through her passion for acting, debate, and journalism, Beatrice Brynda challenged herself to be a creative risk-taker and passionate learner.

THE VIRGINIA GILES WHITEMORE PRIZE / in recognition of outstanding collaborative leadership.

  • The two winners of this award set a remarkable example of what female leadership can be. Supremely organized and detail-oriented these two also set a positive and joyful tone in their dual role. It is hard to imagine a pair better suited to leading their community: warm, inclusive, and enthusiastic, Katharine Kowalyshyn and Melissa Ndabarasa steered SBS through a spirited year with unexpected challenges. As strong leaders, they came together with hope and optimism to help their community make it through the year.

THE SPENCER PRIZE / in recognition of a commitment to developing and using voice in powerful ways.

  • As a top debater who earned a spot at a world debate championship, this dynamic young woman is also committed to helping others develop their own voices. Joy Lundberg worked tenaciously to become a powerful speaker while generously encouraging novice speakers to embrace their own paths to confident public speaking.

THE MABEL HOOD EMERSON PRIZE / in recognition of the senior who has done the most for Stoneleigh-Burnham School in scholarship, loyalty, and leadership.

  • As a 6-year senior who has been part of the SBS community all her life, Nadya Baum has been integral to every aspect of the school. As class president, a team captain, a scholar, and an ambassador abroad, Nadya has a steady sense of purpose and is a genuine leader and role model in all she does.

THE MIRIAM EMERSON PETERS AWARD / in recognition of working to deepen community understanding and awareness.

  • A tireless advocate for social justice, Nikita Mangaru is also a deep believer in using education and open discussion to help people learn how to become more aware and inclusive in their every action. She brought her energy and passion to her role as Head of Community Alliance and encouraged us to explore the power of social change.

THE PROSPECT HILL PRIZE / in recognition of meaningful artistic expression.

  • This student found that exploring her artistic side while at SBS became a vital component of understanding who she is as a student. Tingyin (Stephanie) Liu thinks deeply, and writes eloquently, about what she is visually expressing in her art. She was courageous both in exploring new forms and in sharing her thoughts about her process.

THE STONELEIGH-BURNHAM PRIZE / in recognition of resilience and strength of character.

  • Respected by the entire community for her positivity, compassion, kindness, and reliability, Nashaylah Pierre-Louis demonstrates the same high levels of integrity whether she is in class, on the playing field, or in a quiet setting with friends. She is unwavering in her commitment to being true to herself while helping others find their best selves.

Athletic Awards

Most Improved Athlete Award / in recognition of the athlete who, over her time at SBS, has shown the most improvement. 

  • While every year offers a new opportunity for growth, Nora Broady ’20 developed into a three sport impact player by fine-tuning her naturally quick reflexes and improving her understanding of the game through passion, dedication, grit, and patience. Her pursuit of excellence guided her growth as an athlete and leader.

Unsung Hero Award / This award is given to an athlete who is not the most decorated or celebrated athlete, but whose daily attitude and effort are integral to the success of the team and program. 

  • This year there are two recipients, Bezawit Kebede ’20 and Tiaa Kuffour ’20. They were invaluable to the team experience, always bringing joy to every practice and game. No matter the situation, they were willing to give anything a try and give the confidence for their teammates to do the same.

Bonnie Benn Jesser Award / in recognition of a student whose actions are invariably consistent with the ideals of good sportsmanship. 

  • This year’s recipient brings spirit to every contest, whether as a participant or an Owl’s supporter. She builds bridges to bring people together, often extending the bridge and becoming friends with the opposing team. Her excitement for her peers’ successes often overshadowed her own achievements. Congratulations, Nashaylah Pierre-Louis ’20.

Amy Spencer Most Valuable Athlete / in recognition of the athlete who has meant the most to the Athletic Programs. 

  • As a six-year senior, Nadya Baum ’20 has been a steady force on the athletic field, always expecting more from herself and doing everything possible to help her team. Her hard-work and dedication have been invaluable, as she has led by example with a quiet, yet powerful, leadership style.

Stoneleigh-Burnham Equestrian Program

The following students received IEA and year-end equestrian awards:

Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA)

  • Most Improved Middle School Rider: Claire Drahzal ’24
  • Most Valuable Middle School Rider: Jess Romano ’24
  • Most Improved High School Rider: Julia Yuan ’23
  • Most Valuable High School Rider: Ava Smith ’23

Year-End Equestrian Awards

  • Most Improved Rider: Rachel Kim ’21
  • Coaches Award: Josie Nicholas ’22
  • Horsemaster Award: Nina Kauderer ’20