At the last Housemeeting of the 2016-17 academic year on May 16, 2017, faculty members presented awards and recognized students for achievements in debate and public speaking, National Honor Society, and for serving as Blue Key tour guides and Resident Assistants. At a previous Housemeeting, officers of the Student Council were recognized.

Debate and Public Speaking

Most Valuable Debaters: Sophie Hathaway and Julia Thayer
Most Improved Debaters: Lila Lofving, Miles DeClue, and Jax Morgan

National Honor Society
Academic Dean Alex Bogel recognized National Honor Society members.

Provisional members (juniors): Francelyse (Frannie) Joseph, Huhua (Nana) Liu, Julia Thayer, and Lan Ze Hang (Lillian) Ying
New members (seniors): Romy Arsenault, Tingcen (Lina) Dong, Ciara Hudson, Kaya Kim, Ziying (Anny) Rui, and Shaojie (Lula) Zhang
Previously inducted (seniors): Victoria Subritzky Katz and Xiangge (Coco) Zhao

Blue Key
The Admissions Office recognized Blue Key tour guides.

Senior Blue Keys: Lucia Galperin, Ciara Hudson, Kaya Kim, Molly Li, Meredith Nordell, Theresa Oduol, Star Stryker-Erbuk, Victoria Subritzky-Katz, Maren Vogel, and Coco Zhao

Underclass Blue Keys: Ashorkor Ashittey , Nadya Baum, Nora Broady, Beatrice Brynda, Isabela Cusano, Miles DeClue, Annalie Gilbert Keith, Jewels Hatchard, Sophie Hathaway, Frannie Joseph, Charlotte Kim, Jane Kim, Elizabeth LaValley, Erin LeBlanc, Lila Lofving, Nana Liu, Jax Morgan, Juliana Merullo, Katie Reed, Clara Richardson-Omamo, Bri Rooks, Siri Sundaraneedi, Julia Thayer, Syd Wallace, Khaki Warford, and Olivia Young

New Blue Keys for 2017-2018: Olly Ajao, Fiona Hodges, Kate Kowalyshyn, Tiaa Kuffour, Alice Lin, Nikki Mangaru, Mia Mullings, Cassie Scott, Kate Swasey, Emeline Stewart, Linda Yang, Tina Wang, and Monica Wu

Junior Blue Keys for 2017-2018: Clara Baum, Kate Broady, Hillary Leeds, Victoria Malcolm, Elizabeth Musselman, and Leah Rosner

Resident Assistants
Congratulations to the following students who will be Resident Assistants for the 2017-2018 school year: Lillian Ying, Edith Wang, Jax Morgan, Ellen Wilhelm, Ye Eun Kim, Eden Lifshatz, Sylvia Yu, Sydney Wallace, Jewels Hatchard, To’Londa Torres.  Returning RA’s are Frannie Joseph, Siri Sundaraneedi, Clara Richardson-Omamo and Krystal Li.

Student Council
Officers of Student Council (StuCo) for the next school year were announced at Housemeeting on May 9.

StuCo President: Julia Thayer
StuCo Vice President: Jax Morgan
12th grade President: Frannie Joseph
11th grade President: Jackie Kennick
10th grade Presdient: Ira Hysi
9th grade President: Fiona Hodges