The American Mathematics Competition (AMC) is a contest run by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The contest is aimed at developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students across the country. On February 16, several girls participated in the 10th grade contest and the 12th grade contest. They spent Thursday evenings in Math Club advisor Becky DeMott’s classroom working together to solve difficult, but fun and interesting problems. The students who participated received their certificates at Housemeeting on April 15.

Stoneleigh-Burnham’s first place winner for the 12th grade contest was Charlotte Minsky, and the 10th grade contest winner was Yanhan (Stella) Li. Both girls received a pin from the MAA.

The other girls who participated in the AMC 12 contest were: Ziying (Anny) Rui (2nd place), Tingcen (Lina) Dong (3rd place), Kaya Kim, Shaojie (Lula) Zhang, and Sia Song.

The other girls who participated in the AMC 10 contest were: Abigail Von Plinsky (2nd place), Wenzhen (Joanna) Zhang (3rd place), Yuemeng (Carol) Huang, Haoyue (Sherry) Chen, Frannie Joseph, Yongyi (Edith) Wang, Lan Ze Hang (Lillian) Ying, Huhua (Nana) Liu, and Beiyi (Yvette) Liu.

Congratulations to all the girls who participated!