In February 15, 24 Stoneleigh-Burnham students participated in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC). This contest is run by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and is aimed at developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students across the country. Students from SBS participated in either the AMC 10 or AMC 12 contest here on campus. They had 75 minutes to solve 25 problems ranging from easy to very difficult.

During Housemeeting on April 21, math teacher Roger Turton presented certificates to the winners of the contest. The results of the AMC 12 contest are: Wenzhen (Joanna) Zhang ‘18 and Shaojie (Lula) Zhang ‘17 tied for 1st place, and Yaai (Christine) Qiao ‘18 placed 2nd. For the AMC 10 contest, Tiantian (Ryan) Qi ’19 won first place, Abigail Von Plinsky ’19 placed 2nd, and Yongyi (Edith) Wang ’19 placed 3rd.

The following students also participated in the AMC 12: Isabel Branzei, Yuemeng Huang, Elena Launert, Huhua Liu, Siyana Nikolova, Yizhen Song, and Lanzehang Ying.

These students also participated in the AMC 10: Adriana Bermudez Ortiz, Sherry Chen, Chloe Hughes, Ira Hysi, Katharine Kowalyshyn, Jacquelynn Lin, Joy Lundberg, Sophie Reitz, Yixuan Sun, Yuling Yang, and Jingyao Yu.

Teacher Roger Turton announces AMC winners at Housemeeting.