We loved seeing you this year! Save the date for Reunion 2019: June 7 – 9. We’ll be celebrating 150 years!

Stay tuned for more information, including a detailed schedule of events and open registration.

Meanwhile, contact Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83 in the Alumnae Relations Office at 413.774.2711 x317.

Reunion Weekend Lodging

On-campus Lodging

On-campus lodging is available Friday and Saturday nights. Rooms have twin beds. Remember, on-campus accommodations are not equal to hotels or motels. Student rooms are not air-conditioned, and will have basic conveniences including sheets, one pillow, one blanket, one towel, one washcloth, and hangers. We recommend guests bring an alarm clock, a fan, a robe, and flip flops or slippers for going to and from the bathroom.

Off-campus Lodging

Reservations at any of these establishments is entirely up to the alumna.
Hampton Inn – Greenfield, MA (413) 773-0057
Brandt House – Greenfield, MA (413) 774-3329
Deerfield Inn – Old Deerfield, MA (413) 774-5587
Red Roof Inn – South Deerfield, MA (413) 665-7161
The Inn at Crumpin-Fox – Bernardston, MA (413) 648-9131
Bela’s B&B – South Deerfield, MA (413) 522-6394
Hotel Northampton – Northampton, MA (413) 584-3100
Fairfield Inn & Suites (Marriot) – Northampton, MA (413) 587-9800
Courtyard Marriott Hotel – Hadley, MA (413) 256-5454

Questions? Contact Kathleen Tuck Fontaine in the Alumnae Office at 413-774-2711 x317 or at

Transportation Options

The nearest airports to Stoneleigh-Burnham School are:

Boston, MA (BOS) — drive time 1 hour 50 minutes
Hartford, CT (BDL) — drive time 1 hour
Manchester, NH (MHT) — drive time 1 hour 40 minutes

The Amtrak Vermonter High Speed Railway makes a stop in Greenfield now….the train arrives on Friday afternoon at 4:30 PM and departs on Sunday at 12 noon. We are happy to arrange transportation to and from the train station. Please call the Alumnae Relations Office at time of registration to reserve a spot on the shuttle. Tickets and information on the Vermonter line can be found at:

Questions – please contact the Alumnae Relations Office at (413) 774.2711 x317

Stay tuned for the Reunion 2019 schedule.

These classmates and friends joined us at Reunion 2018. Check back soon to see who has registered for Reunion 2019.

Laura Richards ’60 SPH

Pamela Brewster Bensen ’64 SPH

Kiki Black ’66 MAB, Gana Browning ’66 MAB, Anne Farmer Meservey ’66 MAB, Jo Shields ’66 MAB

Catharine Cain ’67 MAB, Carolyn Davis Cozart ’67 MAB, Jody Gebhardt ’67 MAB, Mona Malkin Heck ’67 MAB, Judith Lilleston ’67, MAB, Pamela Rook Martin ’67 MAB

Susie Hine ’67 SPH, Helen Shaskan ’67 SPH

Sally Barker ’68MAB, Peggy McElhone Broskie ’68 MAB, Vicki Chesterley ’68 MAB, Betsy Huston ’68MAB, Karen Schragger Kline ’68 MAB, Peg Fogarty McNeil ’68 MAB, Lisa Shackelford Moody ’68 MAB, Barbara Baran Nittolo ’68 MAB, Jane Osgood ’68 MAB, Mary Lee Prescott-Griffin ’68 MAB, Joyce Cornish Suter ’68 MAB, Suzanne Scull Trzcienski ’68MAB, Amy Nolan Woodruff ’68MAB

Diane Baxter ’68 SPH, Ellen Harris Byrne ’68 SPH, Mary Cobb ’68 SPH, Kay Dalton Dixon ’68 SPH, Sharon Lewis Gaffey ’68 SPH, Ellie Gauntlett Wickes ’68 SPH, Kathy Frick Wold ’68 SPH, Martha Price Young ’68 SPH

Kristin Frost ’69, Barbara Mayo Llewellyn ’69,Mary Maloney ’69, Nancy Davis O’Leary ’69,Sally Richardson Roberts ’69, Ginger Nielsen Robitaille ’69, Sue E. Rothery ’69, Sandy Wettingfield ’69

Denise Bruner ’70, Anne Quantrell Dennen ’70, “Weezie” Lane Nichols ’70, Kathy Seyffer Opdycke ’70

Melissa Leach Dickson ’72, Margaret “Gigi” Altmiller McIntosh ’72 , Charlotte Lewis-Hankus ’72

Vicki Zialcita Strousse ’74

Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77, Kat Whitney ’77

Mina Payne Affauser ’78, Shayna Appel ’78, Charlene Antonio Currie ’78, Mindy Merriam ’78

Rachel Hobbie ’82

Allison Smith Annand ’83, Sarah Redeker Bompastore ’83, Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83, Courtney Longaker ’83, Carrie Mitchum ’83, June Coolidge Scott ’83, Jodi Sojka Villani ’83

Libby Cowperthwaite Schmittdiel ’84, Michelle Savage Brynda ’84

Suze Stutzman Genereux ’85, Betsy Lunt Tetrault ’85

Elizabeth (ET) Tichenor ’86

Amy Patt ’87

Lena Garcia Chandler ’88, Christine Claffey ’88, Jen Gibbens-Giordano ’88, Sam Hood ’88, Darlynn Christie Killman ’88, Jennifer Bete Moser ’88, Deborah Titterton Narraway ’88, Anne O’Connor ’88, Hillary Potter ’88, Maureen “Mo” Walsh ’88, Kelsa Zereski ’88

Allison Porter ’89, Becky Warshow ’89

Tamar Cooke Luck ’90

Brooke Harris ’91

Heatherle Clingerman ’93, Cristina Rubinaccio Freda ’93, Dena Hodges Kopsic ’93

Melissa McKallagat Shorey ’96

Sara Brown Gibbons ’98, Melissa Hemming McWeeny ’98, Megan O’Brien ’98, Anna Carnall Radford ’98

Joyhdae Albert ’01

Laura Lavallee Noel ’04

Hayley Descavich ‘08, Sam Sattin Torres ’08

Icey Wang ’12

Kate Strousse ’13

Allie Marchand ’14