Class Notes from the Spring 2019 Bulletin

1950 MAB
Janet Carmen Whitaker
I enjoy the updates in the Bulletin and wanted to share and represent Mary A. Burnham, Class of 1950! I only attended my senior year but enjoyed the time I spent there. After graduating, I joined the Air Force and was stationed in Cheyenne, WY. I met my future husband, Joe H. Whitaker, and we married in 1952. We settled in Dayton, OH where I worked and retired from Kettering Hospital. Joe and I were married 62 years and together we raised seven children. I have kept busy participating in softball, bowling, swimming, tennis and even won nine gold medals in the Ohio Senior Olympics in 2008. Now I spend my summers in Ohio and winters in South Carolina and am never too far away from my family or my adorable pit-bull, Paylin. I hope that this June I am able to attend the 2019 Reunion!

Janet Carmen Whitaker with Paylin.

Janet Carmen Whitaker ’50 MAB.

1954 SPH
Suzanne Loy Sanders
I never thought about having a 65th class reunion from high school. My how the years fly by but I’m making plans to drive up from Woodstock, GA where my home is now. In the summer of 2011, I retired from the school system in Citrus County, FL after my oldest son, Bill, passed away. My youngest son, David, and his wife, Missy, live here and I love living here also. I keep very active singing in our church choirs. On June 4, 2016  at Carnegie Hall, the First Baptist Church Woodstock Choir and Orchestra presented, “A Night of Worship.” It was awesome and a trip of a lifetime. Missy and David went with me as we were all in choir. I’m still singing in choir and going on small local trips with them. It will be a long drive but I’m looking forward to visiting school once again. Hope to see some of my classmates too! Some of you live close by.

1958 MAB
Karen Preefer Hanauer
My husband, Jerry, and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and enjoyed a wonderful trip traveling in France. I am always glad to hear from SBS.

1960 MAB
Magdelaine Anthony Smith

Magdelaine Anthony Smith with her grandchildren, ages two to 14.

1961 SPH
Beverly Bramon Brandon

Beverly Bramon Brandon and her husband, Chris.

Beverly Bramon Brandon, her husband Chris, and their grandchildren.

1965 SPH
Ann (Andi) McCully Kleinman
My “Little Sister,” Wendy Sherwood King ’66 SPH, dropped by for a couple of days in September while she was on her solo road trip around the West. What a hoot it was, catching up on 50+ years of life! It just goes to show you that old friendships may not die, they just ebb and flow.

Andi McCully Kleinman ’65 SPH with her “Little Sister” Wendy Sherwood King ’66 SPH.

1966 SPH
Trisha Kasbeer Conner

Trisha Kasbeer Conner ’66 SPH with her three sons in Illinois at son Timothy’s wedding in September.

1968 SPH
Susan Walker Bernan
Pam Smith Harvey ’68 SPH and I have been visiting each other for many years. My husband, Sandy, and I annually traveled from Central Pennsylvania to New Hampshire to visit. When Pam and Paul sold their home in spring of 2017 and began their journey south, they planned a special stop in September 2017 to visit us in Pennsylvania. Now that they are traveling the country we are blessed to visit when they stop in Florida in the winter! What a joy. We have the best time.

Susan Walker Bernan and Pam Smith Harvey visiting in Central FL in February 2018.

Virginia (Ginny) Garlick
I have resided in New Zealand for 38 years, teaching yoga for 25 years. I’ve shared a photo of our film company with my partner and daughter ( I travel extensively to New York and London. I hope to hear from a few of my classmates.

Virginia (Ginny) Garlick ’69 in yoga pose.

Virginia (Ginny) Garlick (right) with her daughter and partner.

Nancy Davis O’Leary
This past year has been surreal. Time spent with old classmates, Lori Sherman ’69 and Tori Askerberg ’69; going to reunion for the first time in 49 years; and reconnecting with so many classmates. Here’s hoping I can connect with even more and that our entire class will all meet again and get to know each other as we are today with the many wonderful memories we had at SBS back in the day. Let’s all come together for our 50th Reunion and enjoy!

Anne Sears
Looking forward to attending Reunion in June. Would love to see other classmates too. I am still working, but plan to retire in 2020 and jump in our RV and start traveling. My granddaughter will be 4 in March and is a bundle of energy. I already have a set of golf clubs for her.

Anne Sears’s granddaughter with the Grinch.

Anne Sears’s granddaughter.

Charlotte Newton
Lots of renovation work to my new residence in Sedona – updated kitchen, guest bath and the list goes on! The focus however has shifted as I welcomed a new “member” to my family…chaos reigns, but it is good chaos! Looking forward to celebrating the SBS 150th at Reunion this June and to seeing a lot of friends.

Charlotte Newton with Liza and Tuggie.

Charlotte Lewis-Hankus
Having stepped down from the Alumnae Board for a short time, my time is constantly moving with training of my two Goldens (Ricky and Lucy – 20 months old) and organizing the day-to-day finances, appointments, and deliveries for our new home. Soon we will get the occupancy permit, then the packing and moving can begin! I have also been seeing my grandson and loving watching him grow and walk into the next stages of his life! I have been in touch with many classmates and am hoping that we can rally for a great attendance for Reunion 2019 and the 150th Celebration. I am so thankful for my Board member friends who stay in touch and keep me up to speed with the exciting work being done. I anxiously await the 150th Celebration and thank Susan, Kathleen, and Sam for keeping me in the loop! Come on ’72 – let’s celebrate and reconnect in June!

Charlotte Lewis-Hankus’s Goldens, Lucy and Ricky.

Charlotte Lewis-Hankus’s grandson.

Jeanne Zavell Harris
I have retired from a marketing career and moved to Richmond, VA this fall. I am hoping to ramp up my volunteer efforts and to explore new learning opportunities. The door is always open to fellow classmates! In the meantime all three kids will be here for Christmas, the best way to break in a new home.

Lynn Schultz Kehoe
I can’t remember the last time I wrote a class note and I sit here writing I wonder why. It’s a great way to communicate, even in the age of Facebook and Instagram. So with this class note, I’m hoping many more of my classmates will consider doing the same when the next call goes out. It’s almost as easy as posting on social media. I’m also hoping to see many of you at the 150th anniversary year of our great school. There have been so many wonderful changes, but what has not changed is the feeling you get when you walk on campus. As many of us are now, or are approaching 60 years on earth, it’s easy to feel 16 again when you walk the halls, sit in the dining room, or visit the barn. My life has taken some amazing turns from starting a career in banking and finance to now being a race car driver and motivational speaker. I’ve been married, divorced, remarried, and widowed. I have two great “step adults” and two grandsons. I’ve moved about 10 times from the east coast to Texas and back again. SBS has been a constant in my life throughout, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing classmates and alumnae across the globe and through all decades. I’ve even met with some of my classmates’ children, what a throwback – Mary Beth Margo Sullivan ’77, your daughter is your spitting image! I know the joy of stepping right back into where we left despite not being in touch for 30+ years. So please, make it a priority to come back for Reunion this year! I would love to have a cluster group from 1976, 1977, and 1978; we were a pretty tight group. Hope to see many of you then. Miss you my friends.

Allison Small Annand
I am finally an empty nester. My oldest daughter, Katie, is in medical school in New York and my youngest daughter, Emily, recently moved to San Francisco. We spent the holidays in Napa this year. I am so thankful I have reconnected with Stoneleigh-Burnham by being on the Alumnae Board. I had a fabulous time at my 35th Reunion last year and hope to see many of you this summer at the 150th Celebration. I loved reconnecting with many friends and classmates.

Susan Berghel Sukstorf
I was cleaning out my basement, and came across this bib. I thought I would use it to show off my first grandchild, Dallas Avery. She is the best job I have ever had. I get paid in hugs and kisses, but for some reason, the mortgage company, utilities etc. do not accept that as a form of payment. Their loss.
I just sent off my last child to college, so I am empty nesting. I have been a stay home mom for years, so I will need to find something to do.

Susan Berghel Sukstorf’s granddaughter, Dallas Avery.

Suze Stutzman Genereux
I am on the Alumnae Board and really love meeting other Owls, especially at Reunion every summer! Last summer Becki Warsaw ’89, Elizabeth Tichenor ’86 and Amy Patt ’87 were at Reunion. I recently saw Gita Shawney ’00, who accompanied me to an event in NYC where one of my designs was worn on stage. I am currently living south of Boston and designing activist fashion statements. Ladies of 1985, we have a big Reunion coming up next year! Let’s connect and try to make plans to get as many Owls to return. My contact information is: or 781-837-3979.

Karen Kotz
I live in the Chicago area with five kids ages 13, 17, 19, 21, and 23. I’m working as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at Advocate Aurora Healthcare. I finished my PhD at Loyola University Chicago in 2015 and enjoy doing research and clinical work in the NICU. In my free time, I enjoy playing on a tennis team, taking yoga classes, or just taking a power walk with my dog.

Jennifer Newman Noyes
Dave and I eloped in Savannah, GA on November 24, 2018!

Jennifer Newman Noyes and husband David.

Amy Patt
I went to Reunion last year and had such a nice time. I saw Becki Warshaw ’89, Liz Tichenor ’86, Suze Stutzman Genereux ’85, and many from the class of ’88. My two girls are growing up fast. One is at UMass Amherst studying neuroscience and my little one is getting ready to attend her first year at SBS next year, so I’ll be around if anyone stops in, please let me know, I would love to see you.

Amy Patt’s daughters.

Suze Stutzman Genereux ’85, Becki Warshaw ’89, Liz Tichenor ’86 at Reunion 2018.

Melissa Hemming McWeeny
I hope everyone is doing well. I wrapped up an exciting 2018! Cailynn is 14 and began her freshman year of high school, Declan is now in fourth grade, and my baby Madaket started kindergarten. In July, I became a RRCA certified running coach and two weeks ago I completed my journey of running a race in each of the 169 towns in Connecticut. Obviously, 2019 will be filled with lots more running and growing my coaching business. Would love to see you all at Reunion!

Cailynn, Madaket, and Declan McWeeny.

Cristen Cirrincione
For the first time in several years I actually have some new things to share! Forrest has accepted a new job. After 16 years in the Dallas area, we’ll be heading off to Lubbock in west Texas. The next few months will be challenging as I will stay behind with the kids until my eldest, Sonora, graduates high school in June. She will then ship off to basic training for the Army. Once she’s gone, we will sell our home and join Forrest in Lubbock. Lots of moving parts over the next few months, but we know the Lord already has the logistics planned out. If you find yourself in west Texas, give me a holler!

Forest Williams and Cristen Cirrincione.

McKenzie Rollins
Class Notes, a first for me! I have been living in Los Angeles for the past seven years, riding, teaching and slowly but surely building my business. This past season I finished out the year as the 2018 #1 ranked USEA Adult Training Rider and my wonderful young horse finished as the #4 ranked Training horse in the country. This summer we had back-to-back wins in the Training Division at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, MT and at the American Eventing Championships in Parker, CO. My mom was able to be at both shows, for which I was so thankful as she has always been a huge supporter of my riding, as a student at SBS and even before, when I was a member of the community riding program. I don’t think she missed a single lesson or show! My amazing boyfriend, Josh, was also in Colorado for the big win, along with a great pal who I rode with in college. It was a most magical and inspiring year and certainly the highlight of my career. Many of my SBS girls have been supporting me from afar and I am forever grateful for that!

McKenzie Rollins ’01, 2018 #1 ranked USEA Adult Training Rider.

Ellen Shaw
I received my second bachelor’s degree in Nursing from UMass Amherst in February 2018. I am working as an RN on a neuroscience unit. I just started working at SBS as a part-time and on-call nurse, and have moved back into campus with my partner! I’m really excited to be a part of the SBS community again and love how the school has allowed me to advance my nursing career.

Rose Hannigan Spring
2018 was a busy year for our family! We now live in Warrenton, VA. I am currently the Acting City Clerk for the City of Manassas, working closely with the Mayor and City Council on local government issues. Our son, Michael, turned 4 and loves trucks, cars, and all animals. Our dogs, Patty and Scout, have settled into our new home in Warrenton. We hope to visit campus soon on our next trip up to Massachusetts!   

Rose Hannigan Spring and family.

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