Class Notes from the Spring 2018 Bulletin

See below for additional online-only Class Notes from alumnae!

Carol Grasso Brooks ’64 SPH writes: Where did 53 years go? Greetings from Orono, ME. I have been working my dream career for the past 10 years in real estate, with ERA Dawson in Bangor, ME. My husband is a retired financial advisor. Our son, Jon, and his fiancé, Kerri, have four kids between them in Vermont and Massachusetts. Our son, Adam, lives in Millinocket, ME, and grandkids Jack, 8, and Juliet, 5, are the lights of our lives! Summer is spent golfing and painting whenever I can get to my studio. I am hoping to get to a reunion one of these years, but will love reading all about my classmates of SPH ’64!

Tori Askerberg ’69 says: After 20 years of searching, I was finally able to connect with Cam Crandall Anthony ’69 and wish her a Happy Birthday (December 21) and Merry Christmas. We spent over two hours catching up and promised to stay in touch more often than every 20 years! I think a visit to Arizona is in my near future, and I’ll have the time since I’ve decided to finally hang up my IBM spurs and retire at the end of March 2018. I am planning on making it up for Reunion this year to help Sally Leach Mixsell ’69 hang up her SBS spurs!

Suzanne Green ’71 met Sally Mixsell ’69 for lunch in Denver this past January.

Suzanne Green ’71 sported her SBS sweatshirt to meet Sally Mixsell ’69 in Denver.


Holly Off Arnold ’71 writes: Our daughter, Rebecca, was married on Cape Cod in September. A beautiful day in between two hurricanes!

Holly Off Arnold ’71 and her family at her daughter’s wedding.


Kim Butcher ’72 shares: In August 2017, I resigned from a large comprehensive mental health center where I had worked on and off since 1978. Now I am luxuriating in semi-retirement. Two days a week, I see clients in a private practice and love it, especially not having to deal with electronic medical records, which I now think of as a manifestation of evil. In November, Dexter, a Portuguese Water dog that adopted me six years ago – and who is the smartest dog in the world – and I completed Therapy Dog Training and are now waiting to complete the certification. Over the holidays, I took an unprecedented three weeks to visit family and friends in Florida. Next month I start Tai Chi and will refocus efforts to expand and finish a cookbook.

Patty Cuddihy Zimmerman ’72 writes: Hi! This is a photo from my daughter Jacquie’s wedding last April 22 at the York Golf and Tennis Club, York, ME.

L-R: John Zimmerman, Patty Cuddihy Zimmerman ’72, her daughter, Jacquie, groom, Michael Wheeler, and son, Zach Zimmerman.


Susan Murphy Mulcahy ’75 says: Hello Class of ’75! It has been great reconnecting with so many of you on Facebook. Sally Burgess Barrows ’75 has been working as a Customer Relations Specialist with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She and her husband, Jack, have lived in Sarasota for over 30 years. In May, Sue Hotchkiss Connell ’75 and I flew to Florida and spent a long weekend with Sally. We had a great time and hope to do it again before we get too old. Tracy Tishman Brown ’75 has two new grandchildren to spoil. I have been working as a paralegal for a local law firm for many years and am a Commission Secretary for three Boards/Commission in my town. I also enjoy spending time with my 4-year-old granddaughter. Oh to be young again. Hope you are all doing well – Would love to hear from you.

Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77 and teammate Amy Dirk are part of the SBS sponsored ShiftUp SPEC-E 30 team that raced in the PBOC Winterfest 6-Hour Night Endurance Race in Florida.

Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77 (center) with Director of Development & Alumnae Relations Susan Mattei (left) and teammate Amy Dirk (right).


Class of ’81: Janet Delucia Cimmino, Jennifer Jones McIntyre, and Missy Ilg Alaimo in front of Orchard House.

Jennifer Jones McIntyre ’81 writes: Instead of catching up with friends via Facebook or Instagram, I have visited with a few of my classmates. First trip to the East Coast to see Janet Delucia Cimmino ’81, Missy Ilg Alaimo ’81, Bridget O’Brien ’82, Kerry O’Brien ’84, and Jane Simpson ’85. Then onto Austin to visit Moira Leech James ’82. With another visit to San Francisco to see Sara Jane Greenblott ’81, followed up with lunch here in Los Angeles with Laurice Bell ’81. Seeing everyone was definitely long overdue, but per usual, we pick up right where we left off. Owls for life. I still live in the Los Angeles area, and I am a student in the Executive MBA program at California Lutheran University. Three of my sons are at college, with the youngest in his last semester of his high school senior year. If you find yourself in LA, please reach out for a visit. Connecting with me on Instagram is the easiest, @duchessofMalibu.

Debra Van Dyke ’81 says: I finished my Masters in Nursing, Nurse Educator, at Salisbury University, in December 2017.

Patty Amsler Becknell ’82 at the Kentucky Derby.

Patty Amsler Becknell ’82 shares: Just living life one day at a time and taking advantage of any opportunity that comes along. This past year I had the opportunity to go to the Kentucky Derby with friends who had some horses racing. We walked the track with the horse in front of everyone and had a wonderful time, even in the rain!

Julie Fehlhaber-Carney ’82 says: I moved back to Fort Lauderdale after college. I have worked for our family business for 30 years doing real estate acquisitions and management. I have two boys, Thomas, 16, who loves football, free-diving, and lacrosse, and Patrick, 15, loves computers and crew. I have been married to my husband, Tom, for 18 years and feel so very lucky to have him as the father/mentor to our boys. We love the outdoor life and all are blessed to be happy and healthy. I was only at Stoneleigh-Burnham for my senior year but have such great memories of that experience.

Lisa Goff Kapela ’82 adds: I have great memories of SBS and that time in my life. It’s going on 32 years living in the town of Kailua on the Island of Oahu. I am still happily married to Steve for 16 years. We live a very simple but happy life with our fur babes, two cats and one dog, all rescues.

Liz Loucks Lombardo ’82 shares: Made a big move from Chicago, IL to Key West, FL in 2015.

Michele Arsenault Warbiany ’82 and her husband, Mike.

Michele Arsenault Warbiany ’82 writes: Wow. Denver is popular. After being in the suburbs of Chicago for 30 years we are moving to Colorado. We are currently scoping out areas. My husband, Mike, recently accepted a new job and we are headed west. We are excited to be moving closer to our son, Michael, who lives in Fort Collins and works for HP.

Amy Burkholder ’82 says: Hello everyone! After living in Chicago for almost 30 years, we are now in Denver, CO, where I run the EEOC’s Denver field office. We have two kids, Maxwell and Anna, who are both at The University of Arizona. Max is a math major – yes, he is biologically mine – and Anna is a freshman, contemplating nursing. So far, we love living in Colorado but do miss Chicago. It’s great to hear from everyone.

Nancy Cramer Pingitore ’82 and her husband, Nick.

Nancy Cramer Pingitore ’82 shares: I am living in Brooksville, FL (aka Nature Coast) just north of Tampa, with my husband, Nick, and pooch, Rita. We are enjoying the milder winters and Florida wildlife. I just ended a five-year stint with a media entertainment technology company to recharge and find something new and more meaningful. I founded a new charity, Southern Hills Animal Charity, that monetarily assists when animals need critical veterinary procedures, care, or safety. Nick and I just celebrated 21 years and his 70th birthday in Cabo! We are also new grandparents to sweet little Samantha. Life is good. I hope all my SBS sisters are healthy and happy. Here’s to grand pursuits in 2018!

Patricia Pecoraro Conway ’82 says: I am wishing you also great things in 2018! Nothing much going on here on my end really. The only great development as of late is that my daughter, Alexandra, is doing well and loving college life in Spain.

Patricia Pecoraro Conway ’82 and family.


Katy Wiener Stidley ’82 and her daughters.

Katy Wiener Stidley ’82 shares: Life in Staunton, VA is finally feeling like home after living here for three years. I continue to make glass beads and jewelry. When one of my local galleries, Sunspots Studio Glass Blowing, had a part time sales position open, I took it. My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a trip to Jackson Hole, WY, Yellowstone Park, and Cody, WY. It was amazing! Kendra just started 9th grade. Kelsey continues to amaze me with her own business savvy. We have three dogs, all rescues.

Heather Young Kendall ’82 writes: Grateful, and thankful, like the beautiful Patty Amsler Becknell ’82, I find myself living one day at a time. I get to see my 24-year-old twins more often now as they are both working full-time and living in Tampa, FL. My youngest, Hayden, is at Florida State University studying Computer Applications and Programming. I am still designing with seashells (, and love to travel, enjoy, and love my family and friends. It’s wonderful keeping up with all of you on Instagram and Facebook. I know I would have lost touch with so many people if it weren’t for social media! Hope all you amazing women are healthy and living life well.

Heather Young Kendall ’82 and sons.


Chrissy Lincoln Blazis ’83 shares: I reside on the Cape with my husband of 14 years and our 13-year-old son, Gary, who enjoys fishing, golfing, and karate. My husband is a high school science teacher. I work with amazing group of people at CapeAbilities, a non-profit for disabled adults. Our head nurse is Michele Harvey Savini ’84! My adult daughter, Katelyn Marie, has a 9-year-old daughter, Emma Kristine. Emma plays hockey and gives all the boys on her team a run for their money. Katelyn is pregnant and due in May with baby Logan! My son, Kristopher, has two boys, Henry, age 4, and Charlie, 1. He and his fiancé are currently purchasing a house on the Cape. Dennis Arthur graduated from Westfield State and Plymouth Police and was recently hired by the Barnstable Police Department. He is engaged to his high school sweetheart. Leah Noelle currently lives in Portland, OR and is about to graduate from graduate school in criminal justice and looking at doing her PhD in the UK. All is well and good! I stay in touch regularly with Stephanie Bernard Cutt ’83 and Shannon Paul Lince ’83 and cherish my SBS memories.

Elizabeth Tichenor Percheson ’86

Elizabeth Tichenor Percheson ’86 writes: I am working as an investigative analyst for a Pharmaceutical company in Stamford, CT, in Corporate Security in the Law Enforcement Education Department. Our group works to educate healthcare and law enforcement on preventing prescription drug diversion. In 2013, I earned an MBA in Leadership and Management from the John F. Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University. I would love to reconnect with my SBS sisters, please feel free to email me at

Tamar Cooke Luck ’90 says: Hello from Georgia – still, though we are due to move this summer. We do not know where the Army is sending us, but it looks to be a lot like Sunny Colorado, Lord willing! Not much has been going on since my last update. JD and Andrew will be 17 on February 15 and they still do not want to drive. Not sure if this a blessing or not! I still Home School and we love it! Aaron has been hard at work here at Ft. Gordon with being the Space and Missile Defense Command Liaison to the Cyber Center of Excellence. It has been a long three years here in Georgia so we are ready to move again. Aaron will have served 30 years come this November and he still has more in him to give back! I am looking forward to returning to SBS for Reunion 2018! Hope to see many of my friends there as well!

Elaine Chow ’90 and former SBS faculty member Li Jing visited with Sally Mixsell ’69 and Director of Development & Alumnae Relations Susan Mattei in Shenzhen, China in September.

Michelle Hanney ’90 (center) with Dr. Thomas Echeverria P ’98 and Lisa Russell ’81 during SBS Leadership Council meetings in October.

Dot Buel Stauble ’97 with fiance, Stephen Lynch, and Lilah.

Dot Buel Stauble ’97 shares: To everyone not already a Facebook friend, hello out there! Last year was good to me. I’m still in San Luis Obispo, CA. I changed jobs in September and am now full-time as a residential adult counselor in a group home for Transitions Mental Health Association. I work with a great group of people and couldn’t be happier to have made that choice. I’m also engaged and am looking forward to an April wedding with my fiance, Stephen Lynch. Our favorite activity is hiking with our boxer/greyhound mix, Lilah. My previous foster son, Shane, and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby in May, so I’ll be a grandma for the first time! Very exciting. I still think of Stoneleigh-Burnham often, and love seeing the pictures posted on Facebook.

Kirsten Porter McKenzie White ’07 says: It was a pleasure to return to campus last summer to celebrate our 10th-year Reunion! I encourage everyone to return to SBS, relive your memories, and learn about all the great changes! I caught up with Camille A. Mireku-Estrella ’07 and met her wonderful husband. My husband and I lived in Nashville for the past two years. We had such a wonderful time there, and it was a pleasure to meet up with Tracy Ruttkamp ’07 and meet her beautiful children. We have moved back to Rhode Island and bought our first home in Riverside.

Mr. and Mr. DeMarqus Payne on their wedding day.

Jessica Gale Payne ’11 writes: Hello to all my SBS “sisters” and fellow alumnae! 2018 has already been one for the books! I got married on January 27 to my best friend. It was an absolutely perfect day and we were surrounded by so much love and support from our family and friends. I was so thankful to have Tucker Dowrey ’11 and Bree Wisniewski ’12, two of my good friends from SBS, there to celebrate such a special day! I’m looking forward to catching up with and meeting new alumnae at Reunion in the spring – I hope to see you there!

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