Class Notes from the Spring 2017 Bulletin

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Allison Small Annand ’83 writes: I love catching up with people on Facebook and watching the Stoneleigh-Burnham posts, too. I was able to reconnect with many classmates last year as we all rallied for the Iampietro Scholarship. Tom and Candy were such wonderful influences to so many of us. It is great to pay it forward for them and so many other girls. I am living in Nashua, NH, teaching special education preschool and hope to make it to Reunion this year. Stoneleigh-Burnham still holds a big place in my heart.

Cynthia Wang ’09 and Suze Stutzman Genereux ’85 with a cast member of Circus 1903.

Suze Stutzman Genereux ’85 says: Hello Alumnae! I am still living on the South Shore of Boston with our two chihuahuas and doing fashion designing, art, and my pet businesses, Bow Wow Home Decor and Uptown Dog Cape Cod in Falmouth, MA. I’d love to connect with anyone in the area or reconnect with some of you who are further away. Please reach out to me at 781-837-3979. Or check me out online to connect at or I am also on the Alumnae Board and the Leadership Council at SBS. I really enjoy coming back to campus every chance I get and attending Reunion to meet new ladies from all years that all share our history. This past February I designed some outfits for a fundraising event in NYC. I attended with another fellow alumna whom I met through Reunion, Gita Sawhney ’00. I have enjoyed a new friendship by hosting one of the current students from China who cannot get back home over holidays, Cynthia Wang ’19. She was here with me over Spring Break, and we went to see “Circus 1903” in Boston. It’s really cool to see current students at our school and the really neat things they are doing since we have been there.

Amy Mundy Lloyd ’86 shares: Hi everyone! It was 31 years ago that I graduated. In those years I got an Early Childhood Degree, traveled the world, got married, moved to Seattle, WA, and had a daughter. I am now back in school getting an accounting degree and have plans to travel the world again. My time at SBS set the groundwork for me to make the best of my life. Anyone wanting to stay in touch, I’m on Facebook!

Donna Lynne Jordan ’86 says: Someone asked me what I thought Facebook did to contribute to our quality of life. Without hesitation I answered, “It has kept me connected with SBS and my sisters!” Keep those pictures and posts coming.

Tamar Cooke Luck ’90 with her father at her SBS graduation.

Tamara Cooke Luck ’90 with her family at her husband’s West Point reunion.

Tamar Cooke Luck ’90 writes: Hello SBS sisters and friends, 2016 was a great year and I am looking forward to what 2017 has is store for us. I joined the Alumnae Board this past October and am still on the Leadership Council as well. I am excited to be able to give back to the school, support our alumnae, and be more invested in Stoneleigh-Burnham. I look forward to this year’s Reunion and hope to see a lot of “Sisters” I have not seen in many, many years, as well as reconnect with old friends. I lost my father last January to pancreatic cancer. While a sad time for us all, it has been a joy to watch my mom handle the loss with such great strength and grace. She still lives in Arizona, rides her horse, and competes in many Reigning Tournaments. Last autumn, she tied with William Shatner (yes, Captain Kirk from Star Trek) to compete at the National Reigning Competition in Oklahoma City, OK. While she did not win that competition she has true grit and keeps persevering. I am very proud of my mom. Our family is still living in Augusta, GA, and my husband is still Active Duty Army, 28 years. I still home educate our twin 16-year-old boys. We traveled to West Point, NY for my husband’s 20th Reunion, and our boys reached the rank of Life Scouts this past year. They are working toward their Eagle Rank this year. Life is a blessing and I count Stoneleigh-Burnham as one of the biggest blessings in my youth. I look forward to seeing how it will continue to grow and educate young women.

Bari Gordon Schwartz ’95 says: Hello Class of 1995! I’m still in southeast Florida, Greenacres specifically, which is a municipality inside of Lake Worth. My daughter Sophie is 14 and in 8th grade, and my son Brennan is 12 and in 6th grade. Both chose the Culinary Choice Program and have loved it. Sophie is looking into doing the ROTC program going into high school. I really wanted her to go to Stoneleigh-Burnham! Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to be so far from home and her father said no as well. I was hoping for a third-generation SBS girl! Oh well! I just started my own business back in December. I am now a LuLaRoe Retailer on Facebook and am really enjoying it. I’ve reconnected with several SBS girls. On a recent live sale I did, Kerry Orshal ’96 and Katie Hawkins ’94 had a great time chatting away. Take a look and feel free to contact me with any questions via my Facebook group: or my email I hope everyone is well!

Winfrey Amis Mandarino ’95 writes: All is going well for us in Pittsburgh. My children are 11 and 8. Isa, my daughter, loves skiing and being with her friends. William loves scootering, BMX, and video games — I hate them. My husband, Scott, is super dad, and we will celebrate our anniversary in June! Fourteen years, I think. Much love!

Tangerine Toi Curry-Dinnick ’95 says: I am still living in sunny, beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. What’s new with me? Well, I am a new entrepreneur of a family fitness center. I am in the building phase now. I am using my education background toward working with kids in fitness. I hope to hold physical education and swimming programs for the home-schooled children of Nassau as well as with schools that do not currently have these programs in place. I will host family fitness activities of all kinds. I am very excited about my new adventure. As most of my friends on Facebook know, our family went through a lot of medical trauma with my husband last year. He is doing amazingly and life is getting back to a different normal. Our two kids, Thatcher and Meadow, are doing well and love swimming, sailing, and outdoor adventures. Life is good here in the Bahamas!

Sarah Aciego ’95.

Sarah Aciego ’95 writes: Just a quick note to fill you in on what I’ve been up to. I recently transitioned from a full-time academic position at the University of Michigan to founding a travel business, Big Chill Adventures. Big Chill Adventures brings people to the places that I have researched: Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and the Canadian Rockies. Our company has been featured in the New York Times, Travel & Leisure, and Forbes. We specialize in “opening up the Arctic” to all types of travelers so that anyone can see the Northern Lights, wild muskox, and calving glaciers. I still maintain an adjunct position at UM and at the University of Wyoming. I live in Wyoming with my French Bulldog.

Melissa McKallagat Shorey ’96 shares: Well it’s been a crazy year. I got married in August, found out I’m having a baby, and bought a house in Connecticut all before Christmas! I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you all.

Melissa McKallagut Shorey ’96 and her husband on their wedding day.

Cristen Cirrincione ’99 says: Hey lovely ladies! Whew! What a whirlwind of a year 2016 was. I battled with a lot of odd health issues and the election was draining! I am sorry to say several of my wonderful SBS sisters whom I had known for nearly 20 years decided to “unfriend” me based on differing political opinions over the past months. It’s too bad. I thought SBS bonds were stronger than that. So that has been a sad thing. But, I still love and adore my time at SBS and miss it every day. On some positive notes: healthwise I am much better. My eldest daughter, Sonora, is turning 16 in March and has started driver’s ed. My youngest, Betty, is almost 9 and loves gymnastics and anything related to American Girl Dolls. Forrest is still with the cable company and I’ve become quite the homebody. I love being with my family at home. I must be getting old! I hope each of my SBS sisters are doing well. Here’s to 2017!

Lena Rosen ’04 shares: I am not sure where the time has gone but I’ve been living back in Massachusetts for a year and a half already. Nearly two years ago, I left my veterinary job at a mixed practice in Manchester, VT and joined a small animal emergency room in Springfield, MA. I’m loving ER work even though the hours are crazy and the job can be really stressful. I’m learning a lot from the specialists I get to work alongside, and I’m getting to see some really interesting critical cases. In the move, I took over my great aunt’s house in Longmeadow, MA when she went into assisted living, so now I’m a homeowner, too. It feels like I blinked and became a responsible adult without realizing what was happening. I still spend most of my free time back in southern Vermont to be near family, my boyfriend, my barn, the mountain, and to get some off-leash hikes in with my dog. I took up ice hockey four seasons ago and this year I actually joined the women’s team in Greenfield in addition to my team in Enfield, CT to get an additional night or two of ice time. It’s always a bit surreal driving past campus on my way to the rink. It brings back a lot of memories. This winter has been a bit chaotic so far between playing hockey anywhere from one to three times a week, riding at least once or twice a week, and trying to snowboard, as well. Life has been really busy trying to balance it all with my work schedule and making time for family and friends, but for the most part that’s a good thing.

Rose Hannigan Spring ’08 and her son.

Rose Hannigan Spring ’08 says: Well, 2016 was a crazy year in our little family! My husband got orders in June to deploy back to the Middle East for the fourth time. In 30 days, we sold our home in Virginia and packed our life into storage for the next year. I, along with our 2-year-old son, Michael, our basset hound, Patty, and our yellow labrador retriever, Scout, relocated back to my hometown of Hanover, MA. I left my paralegal job of five years in Virginia to work for the family business and focus on raising Michael while my husband is deployed. I took my son on a nice vacation to the Caribbean for Christmas since it was a different kind of Christmas without his Dad being home. He had a blast putting his toes in the warm ocean water and seeing the fish. I am very excited to come back and visit campus while I am back in Massachusetts and to meet some of our future alumnae.


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