Class Notes from the Fall 2019 Bulletin

Celebrating their 50th Reunion, the Stoneleigh-Burnham Class of 1969 — Recipients of the 2019 Distinguished Alumnae Award.

1890’s – 1900’s MAB

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1951 MAB

Luisa Kreis Whiting
I now live at Essex Meadows in Essex, CT 06426. While living in Virginia, I received my B.F.A. from the School of Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. I recently had a show of my oil paintings at the Essex Meadows Art Gallery. My daughters love coming here in the summer to swim at the beach club with my six grandchildren. This is a very recent photo — I cannot believe I am 86. Time marches on! 


1957 MAB 

Bob and Bev Lockwood Hechler with Head of School Stephanie Luebbers following dinner at the beautiful Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix, AZ.


1957 SPH 

Sherrie Stephens Cutler ’57 SPH and Karen Asselta Beard ’57 SPH in Aspen at winter parties.


1963 SPH 

Susan Smith
We are enjoying retirement in Maine! Love the midcoast where we live, and the North Maine Woods for camping, trout fishing and moose watching! What a joy.



Natalie Cole Lynn sported her SBS ball cap at the Red Sox season home opener at Fenway Park. Natalie travelled from her home in California with her husband, baseball great and Red Sox Hall of Famer Fred Lynn. She returned in June for Reunion Weekend!


Athena winged off to visit former Head of School Sally Leach Mixsell in Connecticut.



Kathy Seyffer Opdycke
Reunion 2019 was fabulous! The Class of ’69 returned in droves! It was great to have classmates Darcy McCormick Tarbell, Anne Quantrell Dennen, Anne Sears, Denise Bruner, Gretchen Bates, and myself on campus for the 150th celebration. We’re gearing up for our 50th Reunion in June. I’m looking forward to seeing many of my classmates on campus. Our School has made so many wonderful and positive changes, but traditions and setting are the same. Come see for yourself!



Lynda Gallagher Decker
In March, Sutzie Anger Canzonetti, Gigi Abbo, Dotti Shannon Carter, and I meet up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a night of music. 


Charlotte Prescott Newton
Charlotte Prescott Newton and Stephanie Luebbers enjoying Sedona, AZ.



During Reunion, Alumnae Board President Kate Strousse ’13 presented Charlotte Lewis-Hankus with the Elinor Johnstone Ferdon Mary A. Burnham Class of 1954 Alumnae Leadership Award for her “fierce loyalty to SBS which fuels a drive and purpose for which others strive.”


Charlotte Lewis-Hankus shared a pair of Athenas with her goldens, Lucy and Ricky in Derry, NH.



Annette Cazanave
The Class of ’74 was saddened to learn of the recent passing of Katherine “Kitty” MacMillan Tanner on May 7, 2019. Our 45th reunion was small in numbers but big in spirit! Mimi Gridley, Nancy Corsiglia, Sarah Turner and Jon Monnig Miller, and I had a great time with each other, other alumnae, and the SBS community in general. The class raised $45,600 to sponsor the Science Department in memory of Abbé Janov Litvack. We were delighted to see the memorial plaque prominently placed at the entrance of the science building. Hoping for a big showing for our 50th: June 2024!


Admiring the plaque honoring Abbé Janov Litvack ’74 on the Jesser Science Building.


Athena visited SBS Trustee Annette Cazanave in Chicago!


Rona Schuster von Mering
Congratulations for the 150th Anniversary. As a proud alumna, it’s a true blessing and a real joy to my heart to witness this wonderful milestone. I am forever humbled and thankful for my dear parents who made a tremendous sacrifice sending me to SBS. A priceless education paved a solid foundation for my life; valuable tools that helped me to navigate among the hearing world. Now legally blind, I am proud of my recent achievement, having earned a Perkins Level 3 Certification from Perkins Solutions as a Repair Specialist for their Perkins Braillewriters. I am now a self-employed entrepreneur of RvM Braillewriter Repair Service alongside my dear and supportive husband, Richard. We have been happily married for 37 years. Praying you all have a very blessed life, with good health, happiness, and love.



Rachel Hobbie ’82, Bridget O’Brien ’82, P ’24, Claire Drahzal ’24, Janet DeLucia Cimmino ’81, Jodi Sojka Villani ’83, Jennifer Jones McIntyre ’81, Tamara Monahan Donovan ’81 enjoying Tarbell Terrace 


Janet DeLuca Cimmino
Greetings Class of 1981! Hi my friends! I hope this finds you and those you love well. Just wanted to quickly check in with all of you! First of all, a few of us attended Reunion this year and celebrated the 150th Anniversary of our School. We had the BEST time. I would strongly suggest coming to the next reunion. There is nothing like it. I swear as we are driving up the driveway I feel like I am coming home. It’s wonderful to reconnect with friends, create new memories and even meet new sisters. That’s a shout out to you Annette Cazenave ’74. I so enjoyed meeting you! A few Reunion highlights included a late walk through the halls and pilfering some gorgeous flowers from the courtyard (Who am I kidding? You all know I am a rule follower and The Head of School let us borrow her scissors to cut the flowers!) Jodi Sojka Villani ’83 is excellent at arranging flowers! Tamara Monahan Donovan ’81 started a new tradition of bidding on SBS aprons! It was so much fun! Yay Tammy! I also stole a moment in the Dance Studio. I swear could hear Jane Perkins and John Beattie in my heart. Seriously! You need to come back to visit! I would also encourage you to connect on Facebook. I love keeping in touch with you. It’s a connection to our day to day that cements the foundation of what we began at SBS. I would also say to give what you can. What I can donate is minimal to what the school gave me but I assure that you every little bit counts. Our School needs us. Our family needs us. We need to do what we can. Ok, no more preaching! Just a few more shout outs! I am in awe of Missy Ilg Alaimo ’81 who rediscovered her passion for riding. How cool is that? And please keep our friend Sue Peckar Weirdon ’81 in your thoughts. She suffered a cycling accident early this summer, continuing to amaze us with her recovery. Go Sue! P.S. Come to reunion, we can legally drink in our rooms. Not that any of us ever did that! 


Athena joined Tamara Monahan Donovan and her family on their vacation in Waterville Valley, NH!


Nicole Malmedé

Khartoum, Sudan, my home as of September 2018, has gone through a lot since I moved here. Three Presidents in less than 24 hours might well be a record. When I returned to Khartoum after Christmas, the protests were ongoing all over the country. Over four months the protests remained 100% non-violent. April 6th was announced as the day to overthrow Al Bashir; the same day he took power of the country 30 years before. Four days later, on the night of April 10th, Bashir was dethroned and officially put under ‘house’ (or more aptly ‘palace’) arrest. My daughter and I witnessed the incredible joy of the Sudanese people in the streets of Khartoum. Sadly, we also witnessed the announcement of Bashir’s successor, General Auf. In less than an hour the mood in Khartoum changed from joy and enthusiasm to disbelief and shock. Instead of being intimidated by these new rules it only strengthened the peaceful movement against them. The third president of Sudan was put into power in less than 24 hours. Ongoing protests led to the announcement of General Burhan as the new leader. Compared to other protests I have witnessed thus far the #SudaneseUprising is astonishing for several reasons. Everyone has to pass all five control/check points before entering the area of the sit-ins as a measure to avoid any kind of violence. This is all organized by the protestors themselves. After the first control one finds two guys sitting with a big cardboard box asking people with spare money to donate to those who don’t have money. Have you ever heard of an action like this, anywhere? There are workshops of all kind organized and several medical centers organized by medical students and doctors with the support of the Red Crescent – equivalent of the Red Cross. Food, water, and sodas are distributed for free, donated by the people. Homeless children find the help they need. The whole sit-in area resembles the New Sudan people are wishing for. What touched us the most was the very warm welcome we received. All were stunned to see me and my daughter. I have now been away from Khartoum for weeks, but I am in permanent contact with my Sudanese friends about the situation. I am eager to see the changes that have been made on my return. I wish this national movement the success it deserves and will continue to support my friends as much as possible, even if it is “only” by being present, donating medicine or whatever is needed, helping to distribute water, or simply talking to the people. Thank you for reading this. You are always welcome to Sudan. The best travel season is from October until March. 



June Coolidge Scott
It is so wonderful to make old and new connections upon returning to SBS. This has been a busy year; with growing my business and the addition of new advisory board and team members. We seek to make sure disability is a part of all diversity and inclusion conversations in all settings. I was pleased to be a featured alumna in the Simmons University newsletter, and was drawn back to my roots of all female education which started at SBS that always provided a strong foundation in respectful conversations and being heard. In December I will have my Master of Arts in Disability Studies! 

Past Head of School Sally Leach Mixsell ’69 came to Boston to visit June Coolidge Scott’s class.

June Coolidge Scott ’83 teaching at Simmons University.


Allison Small Annand and Athena discussed Reunion plans in Nashua! Allison, a member of the Alumnae Board is co-chair of the Reunion Committee.



Michelle Savage Brynda serves on the Alumnae Board and is co-chair of the Reunion Committee, as well as being an SBS parent to Beatrice ’20. She took Athena to hit the slopes at Berkshire East this past winter. 


Travis Stewart and alumnae welcomed Head of School Stephanie Luebbers and Susan Mattei, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations at Aroma Coffee & Tea Company in LA. 

Travis Stewart and Stephanie Luebbers showing off Athena.

Leah Garland ’87 and Travis Stewart

Bunkers enjoyed honorary alum status while entertaining Athena with Travis Brooks Stewart in Valley Village, CA



Amie Tessler Butman (right) with Susan Mattei, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations



Katelyn Morgan
I recently bought a house in Hartford, CT and am the Marketing & Communications Lead for Wellfleet Insurance in Springfield, MA. I became engaged in 2018 and we are planning an October 2020 wedding!



During our anniversary year, the Alumnae Office presented its first Distinguished Young Alumnae Award. The School was delighted to present this award to Jessica Meese in honor of her accomplishments while at SBS, as well as in her field of engineering.


Jessica K. Meese ’04 with Portia Ra ’11


Dara Raskin Lozny and Athena toured the Brooklyn Museum together.


Kate Strousse

Aileen Logan-Tyson and Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83  and I celebrated the completion of my degree in mathematics at Simon Pearce in Quechee, VT. When I graduated from the University of Vermont two years ago with a degree in Political Science, I needed one class to complete my major in math. This past spring seemed as good a time as any and the coursework encouraged me to continue taking classes this fall to begin a Masters in Business Administration. I’m still working and loving my job in the Vermont Department of Taxes. I continue to stay connected to SBS through Alumnae Board and Board of Trustee activities and am excited for the next two years of my term as President of the Alumnae Board!


SBS Math Teacher Aileen Logan-Tyson and Kate Strousse ’13 in Quechee, VT



Gabrielle Campbell

Gabby, a member of the Class of 2019 at Goucher College, was elected to the Beta of Maryland Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.


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