Class Notes from the Fall 2018 Bulletin

1948 SPH
Jacqueline Paulding Hauser

Jacqueline Paulding Hauser ’48 SPH

I have just looked over the latest Bulletin from SBS and thought to myself what a lucky girl I was to attend Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School. It is my 70th anniversary; where has the time gone? I have had a rewarding life, now 87 years young, and still very active. I have slowed down but manage to keep up with my eight beautiful grandchildren. I remember vividly the day I approached my mother and asked, “Do you think I could go away to school next year?” Without hesitation the answer was, “Yes.” My father was a South Shore fisherman and I had just completed my sophomore year at high school. My mother got in touch with the school and I was accepted. The first day at Stoneleigh was an experience in itself! My best friend was already there and I was accepted immediately. First, I had a lesson in speaking to lose the accent I never knew I had. My two years at Stoneleigh were just what I thought they would be. I had a single room right next to the nurse’s quarters, she became a friend also. At that time, Mrs. Emerson and her daughter were running the school along with Mrs. Lane. My best friend, Sally Hartwell Born ’48 SPH, lived across the hall. I grew up and became my true self due to my experience at private school. For the daughter of a wonderful family, I felt very proud of myself, and even managed to get a job that summer waitressing in a local coffee shop — you can imagine how my mother felt! My senior year was spent in a double with Sally. We both had a wonderful experience. Mrs. Proctor was our “house mother” and we tried hard to aggravate her, but to no avail. I remember talking to Mrs. Emerson during my senior year, she was interested in what my plans were. I had thought of a career in dentistry, but was too young to get into Forsyth. Her reply was, “Do not worry. I will work it out.” She thought Lasell Junior College would be the answer. I graduated with an associate’s degree and worked for a pediatric doctor at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. I met and married George Hauser in 1954 and had three children. They are living in the area where I am now. My husband passed away in 2001, a great loss in my life. My children are always concerned about how I am doing, especially my daughter, Michelle, who lives close by. She has four children and is a busy lady. Her last son will be graduating next year. My son Marc has triplets who will be graduating in 2018, and Peter has one daughter who will be also graduating then. In 2018, I will have five grandkids graduating high school, unfortunately not from the same school. I now live in Pembroke with my high school sweetheart. His wife also passed away and we just renewed our friendship. My life is, most of the time, wonderful; all in all I am a very fortunate woman who has many leadership qualities. I am involved in floral design, serve as a flower show Master Judge, and am constantly doing designs for competition. I have a beautiful home and right now a yard that is not so beautiful, but it will be come summer. I am active at Lasell, enjoy going to meetings, and keeping myself involved. I am happy, have three wonderful grown children, eight grandchildren, a wonderful live-in friend, and am still driving!

1958 MAB
Mary A. Burnham Class of 1958 classmates celebrate their 60th Reunion in Lucca, Italy. 

L-R: Betsey Evans Paige, Linda Nims Weaver, Gail Benger Reifsnyder, Valerie Brenhouse Mace, Peggy Baxter Streeter and Lynn Dender Kelly.

1960 SPH
Laura Richards

Laura Richards and Head of School Stephanie Luebbers visited this summer.

1963 MAB
Nine classmates from MAB Class of 1963 decided to celebrate their 55th anniversary of high school graduation with a weekend together in a condo in Ocean City, MD.

Front row L-R: Sally Wood Post, Bonnie Stutski, Marion Zeisel Iglecia, Ann Wynkoop. Back row L-R: Judi Whaland Dunbar, Myra Bluestein Rufo, Sally Rice Dorman, Kitty Prevost, D.B. Aldridge Solms. Kitty Prevost, passed suddenly in May, weeks after this celebration.

1966 MAB
Anne Meservey

Anne Meservey ’66 MAB with her daughter, Maia D’Anna, who was married on August 30, 2017 to Jesus Mariscal at the Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy.

Anne Meservey ’66 MAB at her daughter’s wedding banquet table in the Casina Valadier in Villa Borghese in Rome.









1968 MAB
Joyce Cornish Suter
I would like to thank the reunion committee for the great job they did for our 50th! The schedule was interesting, the meals were terrific, and we felt noticed as a group. We were honored to share the weekend with the other classes that had special years, and especially to share it with Sally Mixsell’s retirement. Sally has done so much to make the school what it is today! I will remember the weekend as a fun and meaningful gathering of former and new friends, for as long as I can remember anything.

1968 SPH
Pamala Smith Harvey
My husband, Paul, and I sold everything this past summer and hit the road in our 33′ fifth-wheel and are now full-time RV-ers. We’ve traveled down the east coast from New Hampshire and are now heading west through Texas before turning north headed to Indiana where we’ll see Paul’s daughter (who attended SBS) and his grandson, age 7. Happy 50th reunion.

Sally Leach Mixsell

Sally Leach Mixsell ’69 was joined by her family for the Celebration Dinner during Reunion Weekend honoring her tenure at SBS in advance of her retirement at the end of June 2018.

Barbara Mayo Llewellyn hosted a luncheon at Barbara Llewellyn Catering for alumnae in July, welcoming Head of School Stephanie Luebbers. 

L-R: Carolyn Cozart ’67, Darcy McCormick Tarbell ’70, Susan Tuttle ’72, Stephanie Luebbers, Sara Jane Gould ’81, Emily Hebert ’07, Barbara Mayo Llewellyn ’69, and Joyce Suter ’68.

Charlotte Newton

Charlotte Newton with Tuggie in Arizona.

It has been almost a year since packing the car and heading west. Life in gorgeous Sedona. One major step was installing a large lawn area of artificial grass, aka “Tuggie’s Turf!” Coupled with his private pool, safe to say he is living large. I do go back East three to four times a year, visiting friends and of course attending SBS Board of Trustees and committee meetings. I hear from Vivian Lee frequently, and try to catch up with other “mates,” Gigi Abbo ’71, and Holly Off Arnold ’71, through the Facebook.  






Charlotte Lewis-Hankus

Charlotte Lewis-Hankus’ Goldens, Ricky and Lucy.

Everyone said when you retire your life gets busier. I doubted that and looked forward to being able to relax and enjoy the peace of a cup of coffee on my deck in the morning, or a night out for dinner on weeknights. My life has been anything but quiet! I got two Golden Retriever puppies at the same time, and yes, I am nuts! They are presently 14 months old and I have had them for 12 of those months. They keep me on my toes, but are so sweet. We are building a new one-level home a few towns over and my husband, Julian, is the “GC.” Between the daily decisions, running around for the new house, training the two puppies, and going to the gym to try and stay healthy, my days are filled. I am the very proud Grandmother of an 8-month-old boy, Gabriel. His dad is my oldest son, Craig. He and his wife, Whitney, live in Goffstown, NH. I have also recently stepped off of the SBS Alumnae Board for a bit, but I am not disappearing, just taking a sabbatical. I am and always will be involved with SBS and helping to keep her direction strong for our future students who are lucky to attend. Now, to all of the alumnae I want to challenge every class to come back to Reunion next year for SBS’s 150th! The celebration will be remarkable. Until next time, stay well!

Gabriel, grandson of Charlotte Lewis-Hankus.

Class Agents: Mimi Gridley and Bar Cochran Cocherell assisted by Nettie Cazenave
First: Mark your calendars — Our 45th Reunion is June 7-9, 2019! It will also commemorate the School’s 150th Anniversary. BIG party, ladies! Let’s try to get a great showing. Please be sure the school has your updated contact information, and like and follow SBS on Facebook and other social media forums if you are so inclined. Thank you to all who have written and sent pictures. The Class of ’74 is expanding to include grandchildren.

Piper Steen, granddaughter of Sarah Turner ’74

Sarah Turner and her husband, Jack Steen, are both retired corporate pilots living at Don Pedro Island, FL from November until April. Snowbirds and proud of it! Their first grandchild, Piper Elizabeth Steen, was born March 22, 2017 on her grandfather’s 65th birthday! Looks like she is following in her grandmother’s footsteps: airplane, backpack, and phone! Sarah’s younger son, Kevin, married Gretchen Valade on August 26, 2017. 

Tenley Morse Chevalier’s grandchildren, Bryce, Reagan, and Carly

Tenley Morse Chevalier and her husband Randy moved to a new home a year ago in the same area when he retired for the final time (they think). They celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in October. Tenley keeps busy with needlepoint, reading, cards with friends, and the new adult coloring craze, and Randy plays a lot of tennis. They travel to New England once or twice a year to visit their son, Colby, and his family: Bryce, adopted as a newborn and now 2, Reagan, 5, and Carly, 3. Somehow, the grandkids haven’t figured out yet that they live in the same state as Disney World so they’ve wiggled out of that obligation for now! Their daughter, Brie, and her husband live in St. Petersburg so they see them a bit more often. “Health issues are such that I can’t promise I can attend our 45th Reunion in June, and it conflicts with our older granddaughter’s birthday if we do make it to MA. I’ll certainly make an effort if at all possible. It’s wonderful keeping up with many of you on Facebook! Love, Tenley”

Gay Busk Thorn

Gay Busk Thorn and her husband, Henry, recently welcomed their second grandchild, Madison, who joins her big sister Payton, 3. By the looks on Gay’s and Henry’s faces, they are relishing being grandparents!

Mimi Gridley

Mimi Gridley welcomed her first grandchild, Gridley David Fitzge, on Jan. 9 so she has made quite a few trips from New York to New Hampshire to see this handsome fellow. Mimi said he is the mellowest, happiest baby ever!

Kacey Konwiser Dalton is not to be outdone on the grandparent front, sharing that her first grandchild will be arriving at the end of November.

Nancy Laub Bauer and Allison Lash Rode had the chance to visit this summer. As Allison said, “Here we are looking youthful!” Indeed you are, ladies.

Nettie Cazenave
Nettie Cazenave’s two kids, Rudy and Ahni, just finished their freshman year in high school. Their big news is they got their driver’s permits at the end of July — stay off the roads in Chicago! Here’s what the back of her car looks like.

Karen Schmitt Montgomery

Karen Schmitt Montgomery with her husband and daughter.

While all my schoolmates are rocking grandbabies, I am just sending my only child off to college this fall. She will be going to University of South Carolina and I could not be happier for her. But for me, I am very sad. Not sure how to survive a quiet house. I am still running my own wholesale business with my husband, so that keeps us very busy. Check us out at I think of all my SBS girls and it is hard to think of us all turning 60 this year. I still feel like that 17-year-old girl dancing in the butt room to disco music.

Jill Barnard Strittmatter
Our new show barn is up and running — Still Ridge Stables, LLC, in Durham CT. I will be showing at the Devon Horse Show again this year in the 3’6″ Amateur Owner Division. I’m still practicing a little law on the side, but for the most part I train horses. My “children” are doing well too — Trevor just turned 29, twins Elizabeth and Spencer will soon be 28, and Kurt is nearly 21 and is a physics major in his junior year at NYU. My husband, Stephen, is in the midst of conducting two drug trials using his discoveries, one for Alzheimer’s, the other for Spinal Cord Injury. He’s at Yale Medical School. We still sail our Swan out of Quissett (Falmouth) MA in the summer as my family still has the boatyard there. Can’t complain. Life is good. Would love to see people! I have stayed in touch with many of my old SBS pals, but have lost contact with other past BFFs.


Laura Hermann Filmore with her family.

Laura Hermann Filmore
Hi all! Let’s see, my first class note so I’ll make it short. Married for 22 years and have three boys. The two oldest live in Nashville and my youngest (20 in August) lives in Chesterfield and currently attends Mizzou. Our oldest is a country pop singer @filmoremusic. One dog, thanks to Cydney Williams ’79who I keep in touch with. That’s about it. Much love girls!






Jennifer Jones McIntyre
In July 2018, I lost my husband, Bill, who died suddenly with sepsis after a successful back surgery.

Allison Small Annand
It was wonderful to be back at reunion this year. It surely did not feel like it had been 35 years. I caught up with people like it was yesterday and met so many new “SBS sisters.” I would encourage all of you to come to next year’s reunion especially since we will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of our beloved school. Hope to see you in June 2019! 



Amy Mundy
I am living and going back to school for accounting. Due to a divorce I’ve had to hit the restart button, but I am very happy and looking towards the future! Look me up if ever in the PNW!

Travis Stewart

Travis Stewart was presented with a birthday cake during an alumnae event at her home honoring Sally Leach Mixsell ’69.

Kelsa Zereski
I purchased Triple Crown Tack Shop in West Boylston, MA ( in 2017 and am thrilled to be serving my local equine community. I would love to build a relationship with some of the SBS student riders!

Tamar Cooke Luck

Tamar Cook Luck with her husband and twin sons.

Tamar Cook Luck hugs her sons, JD and Andrew, following their ceremony.

2018 has, as of July, been a fun and eventful year. We move to Colorado Springs, CO this August courtesy of the Army. My husband will have served 30 years as of November. This will be our tenth move in almost 22 years, so we’ve got this! I have stayed involved in my boys education as their teacher finishing their junior year with Homeschooling, and was their Yearbook Advisor for the Community. Our boys completed their Eagle Service Projects and earned the highest rank in Boys Scouts, Eagle in May! We are very proud. As we transition from the Georgia summer heat to the cooler days of Colorado, they will stay with Scouting and I will still Homeschool. They hope to get appointments to The Academy, West Point. I am still on the SBS Alumnae Board and have really enjoyed it the past couple of years. Reunion is so much fun, I have now returned to them every summer since celebrating my 25th in 2015. Next year’s will be incredible to attend, as we celebrate 150 Years of our beloved Stoneleigh-Burnham School. I hope to see many old friends there as well as new ones. It is always a great time of reconnection as well as reminiscing, so I hope you will return to celebrate with us! See you in June 2019!

Megan Soukup
Enjoying a great summer working at Mount Washington Resort as a trail guide and giving horseback riding lessons.









Ashley Guertin Whitney
My son, Ethan, and Lisa Riggs Kiechel‘s son, Luke, spent the summer together attending Cushing’s Summer Session. It seems like yesterday that Lisa and I we were roommates, and now our kids are hanging together! Kim Eldridge, Tracy Allison Evans, Lisa Vincent Taylor, Lisa Riggs Kiechel, and myself were able to enjoy an afternoon together at the Newport Vineyard this past July. We hope to do it every summer!  


Winfrey Amis Mandarino
We are wrapping up our final few weeks in New Zealand! My husband, Scott, received a Fulbright Award in Teaching — we’ve been here for six months. We have all fallen in love with New Zealand and both children are heartbroken to move back to Pittsburgh, but can’t wait to get home, haha. Love hearing from all of my SBS sisters and if anyone is ever in Pittsburgh — come stay with us!

Melissa McKallagat Shorey

Elizabeth Shorey, daughter of Melissa McKallagat Shorey.

Cristen Cirrione

Cristen Cirrione and her husband, Forrest.

Hey, sisters! I hope everyone is well. As usual, I miss you all! Things are great here in Texas, although I could do without the 106 temps we’ve had this week. Forrest is still working for the cable company and on his 5th year of MMA training. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary this past year. Betty is 10 and enjoying gymnastics and being a social butterfly. Sonora is 17, working and looking forward to graduating next year so she can join the military! Pretty strange being in this stage in life. I’m still staying at home, hoping to get back into the workforce again one day.

Dara Raskin Lozny

Dara Raskin Lonzy ’01 with her husband, Dariusz, on their wedding day.

Hi ladies! I’m very excited to report that I married my best friend and love on June 9 in Brooklyn. It was an intimate wedding and, of course, my Stoneleigh-Burnham sisters, Ann McCoppin-Plascencia, Niyati Mistry-Parikah, and April Ainsworth-Greene were by my side on my special day. I was also lucky enough to have Heather Rutka Coluccio ’94 there to celebrate! It was a beautiful day, and I’m so grateful for my lifelong SBS friendships. 

Niyati Mistry-Parikah, Ann McCoppin-Plascencia,  Dara Raskin Lonzy, and April Ainsworth-Greene from the Class of ’01.









Emily Gamelin Vickers
My husband Jeff and I are living in Beacon Hill. We welcomed our daughter, Alexandra, on March 28, 2018, and our daughter Betsy turned 2 in April.

Laura Newton
I am proud to say that my lifelong dream of becoming a bakery owner has come true. I purchased a building and have been renovating it into a beautiful bakery. I am hopeful that by late August, Bittersweet Bakery & Cafe located on Rt. 5 & 10 in Deerfield, MA will be opening its doors for the first time. As some of my SBS classmates and teachers remember, I was that young girl selling cupcakes in the school store and bringing treats to every away game. From a young age I had a fierce passion for baking and pastry. My sophomore year at SBS I knew that I wanted to be a pastry chef and a business owner. I went straight to Johnson & Wales University in Denver, CO where I completed my degree in Baking and Pastry Art in 2012. I started on my business degree while working full time. In May 2017, I graduated from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass with a bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management. This past year has been full of hard work, long hours, problem solving and a lot of learning. Overall, this experience has been rewarding, challenging, and a dream come true. I can’t wait to start sharing it with everyone!

Sophie Dorsch Stratton ’10 and her husband, Austin.

Sophie Dorsch Stratton
Greetings from Kentucky! I was married June 9, the same day Justify won the Triple Crown! It was lovely to have a mini reunion with SBS alumnae, Mickaela DeGroote ’12, Tuck Dowrey ’11, Julia Short ’10 and Katherine Short ’01. We are home in Kentucky with our cats, dogs, and Marley (a retired SBS horse) just down the road. I can’t wait to finish up my thesis in equine nutrition so I can get back in the saddle again! I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky in 2015, took some time off to work, and was accepted into their graduate school to pursue a master’s degree. I finish my degree in the next few months and I am both anxious and excited for my next steps. I know that if horses are involved, I’ll love every second of it! I think of SBS often, as a matter of fact I had a dream about it just last night. I miss all of the hallways, cutting through the courtyard during springtime, the barns after a fresh coat of snow, and of course all of the wonderful people! I can’t believe we have a 10-year reunion coming up in just a few short years. I can’t wait to drive up that driveway again!

Bride Sophie Dorsch Stratton ’10 with SBS friends and classmates (l-r) Cecelia Erwin, Mickaela DeGroote ’12, Tuck Dowrey ’11, Julia Short ’10, Katherine Short ’01, Jenny Erwin, and Katherine Fossum.

Kate Strousse
This summer I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel. One of my stops was Paris, France, where I spent some time with Bettina Nemeth ’14. We had a picnic at the Eiffel Tower and saw France win the World Cup at a Beyonce and Jay-Z concert! It was a great opportunity to catch up with an old friend!

Jillian Seigel
Hello Owls! I cannot believe it has already been four years since my graduation! I just received my history and political science degree from Skidmore College where I truly had a wonderful experience. After graduation, I spent my fifth summer at SBS working at Bonnie Castle Riding Camp, a program I attended right before coming to Stoneleigh-Burnham for high school. It is always a pleasure working with Mina Payne ‘78 at the barn and meeting all of the young eager equestrians. I just started my new job working for the New Hampshire Democratic Party as a field organizer for the midterm elections. If anyone is in the NH area and wants to volunteer, please send me an email ( I am in constant touch with Franny Eremeeva ’15, Elizabeth ’14, Emily ’14, Caroline ’14, Jane ’14, and so many other fellow classmates and teammates! I hope to reconnect with more women from the Class of 2014 because our five-year reunion will be here before we know it. Wishing everyone the best!

Charlotte Minsky
The Class of 2016, halfway through our undergraduate careers, have declared our college majors! Here’s what many of us have decided to study.
Jordan Alber: Global Studies and Chinese double major (UVM)
Sharvari Bhatt: International Relations and Economics double major with a minor in Japanese (UVA)
Nat DiMario: Theatre Design & Production (Fordham University)
Emma Donald: Pre-med and Economics double major (Simmons College)
Megan Gardner: Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology (Nichols College)
Katlyn Grover: Romance Languages and Pre-med with a minor in Chemistry (Mount Holyoke College)
Mckim Jean-Pierre: International Studies with a double focus in Foreign Policy & National Security and International Development (American University)
Claire Lane: Dance and French Studies double major (Smith College)
Linda Limeri: Operations Management with a minor in Equine Industry (Clemson University)
Charlotte Minsky: Double major of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science with a joint degree in History and Computer Science (MIT)
Dvora Pader: Equestrian Studies with a minor in Business (SCAD)
Siobhan Pascal: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in Anthropology (Colby College)
Sophie Spring: Conversation Biology and Ecology (University of Exeter)
Clara Swartzentruber: Music with a Voice Performance concentration and a minor in French (Bryn Mawr)
Harper Watson: Politics and History double major with a minor in Middle East & North Africa Studies (Oberlin College)


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