Class Notes from the Fall 2017 Bulletin

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Mckim Jean-Pierre ’16 shares: In May, after a successful first year in college, I helped my parents move to Canada. The Temporary Protective Status that they were under was unfortunately cut from the budget of the new administration. I lived in Cambridge, Ontario, a small city about one hour and a half outside of Toronto, and helped my parents get settled. In June, through The Experiment In International Living, I flew from Toronto to Brattleboro, VT to the SIT campus. I was an intern this summer as part of their Leadership Institute. I spent approximately two weeks at the leader training, giving advice to leaders about my experiences in South Africa in 2015 and what things my leaders did and/or didn’t do that worked to make my experience the best it could be. After the training, I flew to Washington, D.C., to continue my internship with The Experiment in International Living. My role was to mentor the 30 students who were participating in The Leadership Institute on how to prepare for, and what to expect in South Africa and India. My favorite part of my internship was that I was able to plan an evening activity for the students. I had them take the 30N/30S bus from the start to the end of the line. This line goes from the poorest parts of D.C. to the richest part. I split up the students into six groups and had them focus on certain resources along the line such as grocery stores, restaurants, and housing, to notice the discrepancies and issues between the distribution of these things, such as how easy is it to find fresh fruits and vegetables at the beginning of the line vs. the end of the line. This portion lasted about 10 days. When my internship was over I then moved into a basement that I was renting with my friend near my school. I spent the rest of the summer working as a front desk receptionist/general manager at Joud Residence, an apartment complex turned hotel. Because it is a new business, I was able to brainstorm and input ideas to run the business better, which was a fun and interesting learning experience, rare to get. I also worked at another internship, The Love Quilt Project. The Love Quilt Project is a non-profit organization that creates quilts for children in South Africa affected by HIV/AIDS; many of them orphaned. My role in this internship is to recruit quilters – we still need them, so email me or call me at 585-713-6412 if you are available to make a quilt by May 2018! I also worked to bring their Facebook page back to life and brainstorm ways to make their website better. I am continuing this internship into the school year and next week will actually be meeting with the U.S. State Department South Africa desk to plan a gala in February at the South African Embassy, which is very exciting. This year, besides continuing my internship with The Love Quilt Project, I am taking the maximum number of credits at AU (my classes are Critical Approach to Cinema, U.S. Foreign Policy, Intro to International Research, Race Gender Identity & Culture, Macroeconomics, Class Guitar, and Symphonic Band), am an AU Ambassador (tour guide), and am a D.C. Reads Team Leader. As a D.C. Reads Team Leader, I will be working with Life Pieces to Master Pieces, an organization that provides a space for black boys in Ward 8 (the poorest Ward in D.C.) to express themselves through art, encouraging them to look beyond their hyper masculine, violent worlds and strive for lives beyond that. Last semester was similar for me, but with D.C. Reads I was only a tutor rather than a team leader. This year, I look forward to continuing my education, in and out of the classroom. My love for learning crosses many fields and interests and I hope that whatever and whenever I learn I can further my understanding of humanity, in terms of why we do what we do and how we can help make each others lives better.

Charlotte Minsky ’16 writes: This past spring, I declared my major in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at MIT. I am also planning to complete minors in Computer Science and History and a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies. I’ve spent quite a bit of my time this year researching in the Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences department; my project is analyzing radio astronomy catalogues to look for a ninth planet in our solar system. I am also on the executive team for three organizations: J Entry, my living group; Queer West, an LGBTQ+ student group; and MakerLodge, MIT’s only undergraduate-run machine shop and makerspace.

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