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Celebrating Sally Mixsell ’69

Mark your calendar as we celebrate the leadership of retiring Head of School Sally Mixsell ’69.

January 20, 2018……Denver, CO: Hosted by Priscilla Lougee Rizzo ’69
February 1, 2018……Boca Grande, FL: Hosted by Courtney Babcock Borntraeger ’70
February 2, 2018……Vero Beach, FL: Hosted by Judith Whitney-Terry ’56B
March 24, 2018……..Boston: Hosted by Allison Porter ’89, and Dmitry and Jennifer Eremeev P ’15
April 22, 2018…………..Arlington, VA: Hosted by Denise Bruner ’70 and Paul Schipper
May 5, 2018………..Los Angeles Area: Hosted by Travis Stewart ’88 and Barbara Llewellyn ’69
June 2, 2018……….Celebration Event: Reunion Weekend 2018

To register for an alumnae event or for more information, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office at 413.774.2711 x317 or

Stoneleigh-Burnham School Alumnae Engagement Events are hosted by individual members of the Alumnae Board, Leadership Council, Board of Trustees, or Stoneleigh-Burnham School.

Past events:

Derry, NH. Host: Charlotte Lewis-Hankus ’72

Northampton, MA. Host: Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83

Scottsdale, AZ. Hosts: Amy Morford Nebeker ’93 and Susan Mattei, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations

Pomfret, CT. Host: Melissa McKallagat Shorey ’96

Sebring, FL. Host: Lynn Kehoe ’77

Wellington, FL. Hosts: Sally Leach Mixsell ’69, Susan Mattei

Anguilla, B.W.I. Host: Vicki Strousse ’74 P ’13

Portland, OR. Host: Hannah Risser-Sperry ’05

Peaks Island/Portland, ME. Host: Anne Quantrell Dennen, ’70

Worcester, MA. Host: Melissa McKallagat, ’96

New York City. Host: Jessica Meese ’04

Hanover, NH. Host: Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83

Cape Cod, MA. Hosts: Barbara Mayo Llewellyn ’69 and Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77

Providence, Rhode Island. Hosts: Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83, Sam Torres ’08

Long Island, NY. Hosts: Alexandria Goldstein Rappaport ’83, Erica Marback ’05

Palm Beach, FL. Hosts: Melanie Cabot ’77, Head of School Sally Mixsell

Wellington, FL. Hosts: Head of School, Sally Mixsell, Susan Mattei

Boston, MA. Hosts: Janet DeLuca Cimmino ’81, Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83

Mary A. Burnham Alumnae Afternoon Tea: Greenfield, MA

Chicago, IL. Hosts: Allison Porter ’89, Annette Cazenave ’74

Family Weekend Concert followed by a Reception with SBS Parents