Postgraduate Program (PG)

SBS offers an exciting opportunity for students who would like one more year of academic preparation before college/university. With the option to choose courses of focus, and plenty of support from our Director of College Counseling, these students spend the year building a stronger academic profile while gaining the life skills needed for success in college. PG students will also participate in athletics, arts, and other co-curricular activities as part of the inclusive program.

College admissions officers recognize this PG offers many benefits to a student and will ultimately make her not only a better candidate for admission, but a better student once she arrives on campus. Every year, postgraduate students are accepted at schools ranging from Ivy League universities to supportive liberal arts schools and everything in between.

International Gap Year Program

A gap year at SBS gives international students an option to study abroad before attending university in the US or another country. Students will participate in a full academic program, athletics, arts, social and cultural activities while studying abroad during this gap year. Students who would like to improve their English, SAT & TOEFL scores, or secondary school transcript, will find the gap year program a perfect match as well.

A gap year is an opportunity to gain independence and broaden your worldview. At SBS you will have this opportunity with girls from the US and across the globe.