Academic Graduation Requirements

To receive a Stoneleigh-Burnham School diploma, an Upper School student must earn a minimum of 18 academic credits and meet the distribution requirements below. For the class of 2017 and after, each student must earn a minimum of 20 academic credits.

English 4
History 3 (including United States History required)
Mathematics 4 (including one course beyond Algebra 2 required)
Science 3 (two must be lab sciences), 4 recommended
Languages 3 (consecutive years of the same language required), 4 recommended
Arts 2 trimesters required each year


In addition, each student takes a minimum of five credits and a maximum of six credits per year. Fewer than five and more than six require a petition to the Academic Dean. Stoneleigh-Burnham School recommends students take more than the minimum academic requirements to take advantage of the opportunity to explore new areas of learning. The School makes every effort to place students in courses that will both challenge their academic ability and promote their personal growth. Advisors play an integral role in planning each student’s academic path, working with each girl and her family to make choices for the coming year and beyond.

Summer study is encouraged in order to supplement, accelerate or remediate one’s knowledge in a given area of study. When a student wishes to take a summer course for credit, approval must be granted in advance by the Academic Dean.

Athletic Graduation Requirements

All students are required to successfully complete an SBS athletic program each trimester. While no academic credit is issued for participation in athletics, it is required for graduation with the same attendance expectations as an academic class; students receive a pass/fail notation at the end of each term.