Humanities 7 course content varies year to year according to the interests and needs of the students. All units integrate English/Language Arts and Social Studies, and many include questions that specifically integrate history and/or world cultures. Most units are student-designed and include a read-aloud book, a group read, group activities, and individual Focus Question work. Students research their chosen question, write and revise essays, and present what they’ve learned to the class. One unit in the winter term gives students a chance to work collaboratively with different media, and there is a poetry unit each spring. Students also complete weekly independent writing pieces throughout the year, and may choose to share them with the class for peer feedback. They read books of their own choosing each week, and may share their impressions of the book with the class. Students work to develop specific skills in the following areas: reading, writing, research, speaking, presentation, and academic skills.

Science 7 focuses on the study of Life Science. Learning and utilizing laboratory and field skills on a regular basis, students investigate cellular structure, genetics, ecology and environmental conservation. Within these wide areas of study, the girls are able to choose the topics or angles of study that most interest them. The class is hands on and active, and includes the use of iPads as a research and laboratory tool, as well as a textbook.

Pre-Algebra students analyze and manipulate mathematical variables, geometric figures, probabilities, rational numbers and their applications to scientific inquiry and other disciplines.  The girls use their iPads as a textbook and calculator. We also supplement our curriculum with skill practice on the Khan Academy app, and the iPad gives them access to a class Google Drive folder with video notes and worksheets for extra practice.

In Grade 7 Art and Culture, students study the art of various countries and time periods to learn about their cultures. This class will investigate how a group’s beliefs and values are reflected in its art forms. We will look for universal themes that are expressed in the artwork of many cultures. Sample projects include cave art, fish prints, and Chinese brush painting. Different media are introduced as well as the basic elements and principles of art.

Theatre 7 students, supported by their Humanities and Theater teachers, create, rehearse and perform original scenes. In the process they study scene analysis, character development, character interactions, and blocking. Students learn to use the rehearsal process to refine and revise work in advance of a final performance.