Dear families,

Imagine a middle school where girls smile all the way up the stairs in the morning because they are so excited to see each other. Screams of joy and hugs begin every term, and vacations bring mixed feelings as we look forward to free time but must go our separate ways. Through classes, arts, athletics, the boarding program, and MOCA, the all-student government organization, students here grow close as they create a positive atmosphere for living and learning together.

Imagine a school where the teachers love learning, care about kids, and find ways to help every single student learn to the best of her ability. Students’ questions and ideas fill the air, and may even provide the framework for some of the units being studied. Be it factoring an equation, writing and delivering a speech on civil rights on the town common, designing a science experiment, or planning and hosting a conference on Women’s and Girls’ Rights, students are busy working and learning together, contributing and discussing each other’s ideas, and pushing themselves beyond what they thought possible.

Imagine a school where both the arts and athletics are an integral part of the program. Students with a wide variety of skills and experience can find themselves challenged and stretched as they work to grow to the next level. Whether or not you’ve ever played an instrument, sung, danced, acted, or worked in a variety of visual media from animation to sculpture, whether you’re a rider or dancer or are into team sports, you’ll find a place here.

In learning about how best to make middle schools work, and how best to help girls learn, in imagining the possible, we have built a program which has been described as “amazing,” “better than a dream,” and “just a fun and positive place to be.” See for yourselves. We’d love to welcome you.

Take care,

Bill Ivey
Middle School Dean