Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Support at SBS


Q. Does Stoneleigh-Burnham offer supervised homework completion?
A. No. Supervised homework completion takes away from time spent developing successful global strategies.

Q. What happens if my daughter often has difficulty completing homework independently?
A. She will be referred to the Academic Dean.

Q. Does the Academic Center offer standardized test preparation services or instruction?
A. No. For information about test preparation services, please contact the Director of College Counseling.

Q. What is a learning profile? Will my daughter have one?
A. Confidential learning profiles are generated for all students who have educational or neuropsychological testing on file with the School. The Director of the Academic Center and other School personnel will design a learning profile for your daughter that takes into account her strengths, weaknesses and any identified learning differences.

Q. Who will see my daughter’s learning profile?
A. Your daughter’s teachers and advisor will have access to her learning profile.

Q. My daughter needs Academic Accommodations. What do you offer?
A. Classroom and testing accommodations include extended time, a minimally distracting environment for testing, use of books on tape or use of a computer and calculator. Stoneleigh-Burnham School is a college-preparatory school, and neither offers a modified curriculum nor waives graduation requirements.

Q. Is my daughter eligible for academic accommodations at Stoneleigh-Burnham School?
A. In order to be eligible for academic accommodations at Stoneleigh-Burnham, your child must have a psychoeducational and/or neuropsychological evaluation performed by a qualified tester that has been completed within the past three years. The test must include both a cognitive and an academic assessment. At any time during a student’s enrollment at the School, if testing becomes outdated it must be updated for the student to continue receiving accommodations. The School cannot accept an IEP/504 plan or a record of accommodations from a previous school as stand-alone documentation; any plan of this sort must be accompanied by the evaluation.

Q. Is my daughter eligible for academic accommodations for the IB exams?
A. Students with a recent neuropsychoeducational evaluation (three years or less) that validates a diagnosed learning difference and who regularly utilize accommodations in their classrooms throughout the school year are eligible for accommodations on final IB exams as well as “during their preparation of work for assessment and written exams” (IB Handbook, 2014).

For those students who may need more than 25% extra time and use of a computer, the IB Assessment Centre in Cardiff requires that requests for accommodations on senior final IB exams be made ONE YEAR in advance of the examination period.

The IB Assessment Centre in Cardiff also offers an impressive list of accommodations that do not need prior approval, such as:

  • 25% (or less) extra time
  • preferential seating
  • separate location
  • provision of a reader for all test directions
  • provision of an adult to aid with focus/attention

Please note that “additional time will not be authorized for a component where the completion of a task within a limited time is specified in an assessment criterion” (IB Handbook, 2014).

Requests for accommodation on the IB senior final exams are made through the Director of the Academic Center.

Q. What should be in the psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation?
A. The evaluation must include a clear diagnosis of a recognized learning or psychiatric disability, must include both test scores and analysis which supports the diagnosis and must explicitly recommend specific accommodations. Evaluations that do not include this information will not qualify a student for academic accommodations.

Q. When do you need the evaluation report?
A. Stoneleigh-Burnham must receive the report by August 23rd. This guarantees adequate review time, and ensures your daughter will receive the services for which she is qualified. Testing received after this date will be reviewed as time permits.

Q. May I read the school policy on academic accommodations?
A. Of course. It is available to parents and testers. Contact our Admissions office for a copy.

Q. Will my daughter be eligible for College Board Accommodations?
A. Our policy on academic accommodations is taken directly from the requirements of the College Board, so students eligible for academic accommodations at the School are typically, but not always, be eligible for accommodations on standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT and TOEFL. It is your child’s responsibility to work with the Director of the Academic Center well in advance of her test date to secure these accommodations. *NOTE: in order to receive accommodations on most standardized tests, your daughter must have been eligible for and using accommodations at Stoneleigh-Burnham School for a minimum of four months before applying for accommodations on standardized tests.

Q. What if my child is not eligible for a particular accommodation at the School, or is eligible but has not been using accommodations, and now wishes to apply for that accommodation for the standardized tests?
A. She will need to file an appeal with the testing organization. The Director of the Academic Center can advise you and your daughter on the appeal procedure.

Q. My daughter previously received accommodations on the standardized tests of the College Board, so we don’t have to reapply. Right?
A. The College Board requires students to reapply for accommodations when they transfer to a new school.