We asked the Class of 2019 to share their thoughts about our school and their experiences here. This is what they wanted you to know, all in their own words…

Stoneleigh-Burnham is a small, inclusive, friendly community where everyone knows each other and says hello in the hallway. It is a supportive school with great values such as honesty, self confidence, and education. It is a school that encourages leadership, responsibility, and creativity.

Stoneleigh-Burnham is a place where you can be different and yet still accepted, a one of a kind community with an amazing group of faculty, staff, and students who will support you no matter what. It is a place where I feel challenged to do my best and try new things.

It is a community of girls from everywhere working together, making memories and getting an education. It is a very diverse place and it has abundant activities. It has a great international program. It promotes strong female leadership, and everyone works to make sure your voice is heard. It’s a place where you can learn to grow up confident and happy with yourself.

Each day, we are challenged within our classes and encouraged to try new things. The school allows you to learn about what you are interested in. You can learn many things in many interesting and fun ways; you have fun in class but you still work.

I am so glad that I have been given the opportunity to experience all-girls education. Though it is only my second year here, Stoneleigh has taught me that it is important to have an equilibrium in your life, to balance academics, the arts, and your personal life. I am more focused and I have learned so much from my experience here. I’ve been exposed to so many different opportunities and I’ve been able to call the girls and staff my family. It has given me amazing role models and friends, as well as letting me meet people from all over the world. I learned lots of new things and important American culture.

Stoneleigh has also taught me to try new things. This school helped me to take my future more seriously. I have become more focused on my academics. Being at Stoneleigh has helped me look at the world in a new light and find a new meaning in things that I used to think were just ordinary. I have been given a lot of opportunities and have learned so much both academically (in classes) physically (in dance) and mentally in all the experiences I have had and things I have tried.

It has taught me to be with other people; I’ve never been around so many fun loving people who I can joke with and be myself around. I have become more outgoing. I have become nicer. Stoneleigh-Burnham has taught me to make friends with everyone and find a common characteristic in even the people who annoy me the most. I have seen and experienced how kind and caring people can be to each other.

I am quite a bit braver and I have changed a very great deal. Being at Stoneleigh has helped me speak my mind more. I have become more confident; I’ve learned to speak with confidence. I have also discovered more of the voice that I posses to create change in the world. Being at SBS has encouraged me to think outside the box and helped me to believe in myself. I feel comfortable being myself all the time.

Stoneleigh-Burnham is a good school that is fantastic, full of potential, amazing, irreplaceable, accepting, wonderful, magnificent, fun, great, happy, special, exciting, supportive, empowered, interesting, superb, beautiful, a nice place to live, and AWESOME! Stoneleigh-Burnham is like home. It is home.

In one word, Stoneleigh-Burnham is life-changing.

– 2013-2014 Stoneleigh-Burnham Middle School Students