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About SBS

Sally MixsellWelcome to Stoneleigh-Burnham! This is a place where you feel at home as soon as you drive up our long, tree-lined drive. At least that’s how I felt as a thirteen year-old coming to the school for my first time; I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to live, study and make life-long friends. Now as the first alumna to lead the school, I recognize how many girls feel that same way when they come for their first visit to SBS.

Stoneleigh-Burnham students represent a broad spectrum of girls from all over the world – the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Latin and South America, and Asia. Our small size and the community’s international flavor facilitate our appreciation of cultural differences and similarities. We are proud of the diversity of student body here.

As a small all-girls’ school, Stoneleigh-Burnham is able to offer each student a wealth of experiences in order to learn where her passions lie and strive for positions of leadership in those areas. Without the distractions of a coed school environment, girls can work on who they are at the core, try out their ideas in order to discover what fits, and develop new-found strengths by taking risks in a safe and caring environment. Whether those strengths emerge through participation in our impressive debate and public speaking program, our award-winning performing arts program, our competitive equestrian program, or the many other opportunities in academics, athletics and co-curricular involvement, we strive to help each girl graduate with a strong sense of who she is and where she’s going. You may think of yourself as ordinary when you get here, but you will graduate knowing how you are extraordinary.

We are forever committed to the education of girls, to helping them discover and develop their unique talents, and to embracing them in a community of shared values and goals. Enjoy learning about SBS through this website, but please remember that there is nothing better than the real thing. We hope you will join us on campus to feel the energy and experience the strengths of our school and the people in it.

Sally L. Mixsell ’69
Head of School