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About SBS


The Stoneleigh-Burnham School Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of alumnae, parents, and friends of the School. The Board takes seriously its role as the governing body of Stoneleigh-Burnham School. Nurturing the mission is the Board’s most hallowed trust, and they must guarantee that all decisions consistently align with this work. The members of the Board are not strangers to the community at Stoneleigh-Burnham School. Whenever they are on campus, they join the community at Housemeeting, they dine with students and faculty at formal dinners, and they attend the many outstanding productions, performances, and athletic competitions that occur throughout the year.

The Board of Trustees meets regularly and is informed by the Alumnae Board, Head of School, and a dedicated team of school administrators.

Stoneleigh-Burnham School Board of Trustees

Allison Porter ’89, Chair
Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77, Vice Chair
Rich Hubbard P’00, ’02, ’05, Secretary
Jennifer Eremeeva P’15, Treasurer
Dr. John Barrengos
Dr. Denise Bruner ’70
Annette Cazenave ’74
Anne Quantrell Dennen ’70
Sharon Lewis Gaffey ’68S
Barbara Mayo Llewellyn ’69
Dr. Mary Maloney ’69
Melissa McKallagat ’96, Alumnae Board President
Charlotte Newton ’71
Kathy Seyffer Opdycke ’70
Leslie Powers P’15
Laura B. Richards ’60S
Dr. Cheryl Richardson P’18
Dr. Nathalie Rioux P’18
Dorothy “Darcy” McCormick Tarbell ‘70
Susannah Wells
Sally Leach Mixsell ’69, Ex-officio
Nancy L. Diver ’53B, Emerita
F. Michael Donohue, Jr. P’78, Emeritus
Elinor Johnstone Ferdon ’54B, Emerita
John McNear P’79, Emeritus
Elizabeth T. Stout ’61B, Emerita