Maya ’24 and Stella ’24 Named to MissHeard Media’s 2021 Teen Advisory Board

Congratulations to Maya ’24 and Stella ’24 who have been named to Miss Heard Media’s 2021 Teen Advisory Board! Founded by Lindsey Turnbull, an award-winning “girl-advocate,” Miss Heard Media is a media and live events company that aims to empower, inspire, and embolden tween and teen girls.

Ms. Turnbull, a self-described “girl advocate” and “teen girl whisperer” has been helping young women become more confident, prepared, and heard through her media initiatives and workshops. In 2015, her company was recognized by Huffington Post as an organization that is changing the global narrative for women. In 2018, Ms. Turnbull’s alma mater University of Central Florida also selected her for the “30 Under 30 Award” for her advocacy of teenage girls.

Maya and Stella are two of 12 young women chosen for this year’s Teen Advisory Board. They follow in the footsteps of other SBS alumnae and students who were named to the Board in years past: Chloe ’19, Melissa ’20, and Astrid ’23.

“MissHeard Media serves as an outlet to collectively learn more about ourselves and our surroundings. The platform is a good way to share issues that teenagers are passionate about,” said Maya ’24, who plans to focus her Teen Advisory Board work on addressing social and racial injustices, as well as environmental issues.

“I think having an inclusive space on the internet is very important, and I really like the positive messages that Lindsey posts on the MissHeard social media account,” added Stella ’24, who plans to spread positive messages about identity and inclusivity.

In order to be eligible for MissHeard’s Teen Advisory Board, young women and/or female-identifying people between the ages of 13-18 must be able to commit to an entire year of service and be willing to share their voice and opinions. Ms. Turnbull handpicks each member of the Board.

“These young women take the initiative,” said Ms. Turnbull. “They were chosen because they are smart and compassionate, and they care about the world around them.”