On Thursday, May 25, 2017, Stoneleigh-Burnham School honored members of the Upper School for their accomplishments during the 2016-2017 school year at the Upper School Awards Ceremony.

Junior Leadership (Sweater Girl) Award: Bri Rooks

Bri Rooks ’18


Grade 9 English Award: Lila Lofving
Grade 10 English Award: Julianna Merullo
Grade 11 English Award: Ruta Siciuaite and Julia Thayer

Grade 9 Math Award: Linda Yang
Grade 10 Math Award: Abi von Plinsky
Grade 11 Math Award: Joanna Zhang
Grade 12 Math Award: Victoria Subritzky Katz and Lina Dong

Grade 9 Science Award: Nora Broady
Grade 10 Science Award: Jacqueline Morgan
University of Rochester Baush & Lomb Honorary Science Scholarship: Frannie Joseph
Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal: Nana Liu
Grade 12 Science: Award: Victoria Subritzky Katz

Grade 9 History Award: Nadya Baum
Grade 10 History Award: Edith Wang
Grade 11 History Award: Sophie Hathaway
Grade 12 History Award: Meredith Nordell

Grade 10 Language Award: Juliana Merullo
Grade 11 Language Award: Joanna Zhang
Grade 12 Language Award: Meredith Nordell

Grade 10 Visual Arts Award: Eden Lifshatz and Ryan Qi
Grade 12 Visual Arts Award: Elena Launert
Rhode Island School of Design Book Award: Star Stryker Erbük

Dance Award: Trinity Hughes
Instrumental Music Award: Molly Li
Theater Award: Sydney Wallace
Vocal Music Award: Eileen Collins
Performing Arts Award: Jackie Kennick

Most Improved Athlete Award: Theresa Oduol
Unsung Hero Award: Coco Zhoa
Bonnie Benn Jesser Award: Grace Grover
Amy Spencer Most Valuable Athlete Award: Kelsie Jacobs

Most Improved Riding Award: Ryan Qi
Riding Sportmanship Award: Jacquline Morgan
Horsemastership Award: Maren Vogel

IB Junior Learner Award: Lillian Yang
IB Senior Learner Award: Theresa Oduol

Grade 9 Academic Growth Award: Nes Mager
Grade 10 Academic Growth Award: Eden Lifshatz
Grade 11 Academic Growth Award: Grace Grover
Grade 12 Academic Growth Award: Theresa Oduol

Student Council Citizenship Award: Clara Richardson-Omamo
Student Council Community Service Award: Bri Rooks

Dartmouth College Club Book Award: Sophie Hathaway
Smith College Club Book Award: Julia Thayer
Mt. Holyoke College Book Award: Frannie Joseph
St. Lawrence University Book Award: To’Londa Torres

Ninth Grade Class Award: Eileen Collins
Sophomore Class Award: Olivia Young

In addition to honoring students, the school also recognized a member of the school staff. This year, the annual staff award was presented to Jenny Potee, Director of Health Services.

Director of Health Services Jenny Potee


The school community also presented the Student Council Faculty Appreciation Award. This year, the award went to mathematics teacher Aileen Logan-Tyson.

Math teacher Aileen Logan-Tyson


Awards and recognition were given in debate and public speaking, National Honor Society, and Student Council, and for serving as Blue Key tour guides and Resident Assistants at the last Housemeeting of the school year on May 16, 2017. Read more here.

The school community celebrated student athletes and marked the end of the spring athletics season at Team Night on May 18, 2017. Read more here.