US Awards NewsOn Thursday, May 28, Stoneleigh-Burnham School honored members of the Upper School for their accomplishments during the 2014-2015 school year at the Upper School Awards Ceremony.

In addition to honoring students, the school also recognized a member of the school staff. This year the 2015 Mary A. Green Award went to Lori Doolittle, SBS Business Office Associate. The school community also presented the Student Council Faculty Appreciation Award to Dr. Paul Bassett, Debate and Public Speaking Society Head Coach. Click here to see a photo gallery.

Student awards are listed below.

Grade 9 English Award: Elizabeth LaValley
Grade 10 English Award: Victoria Subritzky-Katz
Grade 11 English Award: Katlyn Grover
Grade 12 English Award: Francesca Eremeeva
English Language Award: Ziying (Anny) Rui
Grade 9 Math Award: Erin Hudson
Grade 10 Math Award: Victoria Subritzky-Katz
Grade 11 Math Award: Charlotte Minsky
Grade 12 Math Award: Xueyu (Cathy) Sun
Grade 9 Science Award: Boluwatife (Eni) Owoeye
Grade 10 Science Award: Theresa Oduol
University of Rochester Baush & Lomb Honorary Science Scholarship: Claire Lane
Grade 12 Science: Award: Gabrielle Campbell
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal Award: Linda Limeri
Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal: Charlotte Minsky
Grade 9 History Award: Sophie Hathaway
IB History Award: McKim Jean-Pierre
US History Award: Zsofia Nemeth
Grade 12 History Award: Grace Powers
Grade 9 Language Award: Erin Hudson
Grade 10 Language Award: Kendall Downend
Grade 11 Language Award: Jordan Alber
Grade 11 Language Award: Linda Limeri
Grade 12 Language Award: Francesca Eremeeva
Grade 10 Visual Arts Award: Star Stryker-Erbuk
Grade 11 Visual Arts Award: Emma Donald
Art Department Book Award: Qianqian Li
Rhode Island School of Design Book Award: Brianna Zimmerman
Vocal Music Award: Clara Swartzentruber
Dance Award: Claire Lane
Theater Award: Georgia Fowler
Performing Arts Award: Natalie DiMario
Performing Arts Award: Zsofia Nemeth
Most Valuable Debater Award: Charlotte Minsky
Most Valuable Debater Award: Clara Swartzentruber
Most Valuable Debater Award: Claire Lane
Most Improved Debater Award: Victoria Subritzky-Katz
Most Improved Athlete Award: Jordyn Pigott
Unsung Hero Award: Britt Ames
Bonnie Benn Jesser Award: Sophie Spring
Amy Spencer Most Valuable Athlete Award: Rosemary Ilang
Horsemastership Award: Francesca Eremeeva
IB Junior Learner Award: Katlyn Grover
IB Senior Learner Award: Yasmin Baksh
Grade 9 Academic Growth Award: Haoyue Chen
Grade 10 Academic Growth Award: Seonna Bristol
Grade 11 Academic Growth Award: Gabrielle Rooks
Student Council Citizenship Award: McKim Jean-Pierre
Student Council Community Service Award: Charlotte Minsky
Dartmouth College Club Book Award: Charlotte Minsky
Smith College Club Book Award: Sharvari Bhatt
Mt. Holyoke College Book Award: Claire Lane
St. Lawrence University Book Award: McKim Jean-Pierre
Ninth Grade Class Award: Huhua (Nana) Liu
Sophomore Class Award: Xiangge (Coco) Zhao
Junior Leadership Award: Sophie Spring

National Honor Society Inductees:
Provisional Members (Juniors):
Claire Lane
Charlotte Minsky
Siobhan Pascal
New Members (Seniors):
Gabrielle Campbell
Maah Otchere
Previously Inducted (Seniors):
Grace Powers
Xueyu (Cathy) Sun
Qianqian Li
Jordyn Pigott
Liana Ohl